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Whenever I write about “The Trump Effect,” you know that it refers to something which is harming our nation and supported by the Trump Cult.

The fact that hate groups such as the KKK and the Ayrian Brotherhood have become emboldened is part of “The Trump Effect,” displays one way Trump and his illegitimate presidency have changed America. The extreme division between our nation’s people; a division nearing the level of the Civil War; is a result of “The Trump Effect.” The end of our check and balance system exists because Moscow Mitch McConnell has surrendered the powers of the senate to the fuhrer infesting the White House. This, too, is part of “The Trump Effect.” The fact that although the United States has only four percent of the world’s population should prevent this fact: America has suffered through more cases and more deaths related to Covid-19 than any other nation in the world. This is a product of “The Trump Effect,” and his biggest failure to date.

Trump’s only concern is allowing businesses, especially larger ones, to reopen. To accomplish this, Trump has ordered his cult to protest self-quarantine orders in states whose governors are concerned about the safety of their citizens. They carry military assault weapons and wear Neo-Nazi attire as they shout slogans and carry signs which pretend to support American beliefs, but are in fact reveal a fascist agenda.

Now these men and women who hate America are threatening healthcare workers in the same way they display their hatred for doctors and nurses who work at abortion clinics.

In Greenwood Village, Colorado, an anonymous person emailed a threat to the Tri-County Health Department, warning that a “civil war” was about to erupt over the ongoing lockdown limits in Colorado for the COVID-19 pandemic:

“I know you’re the receptionist and not responsible for these edicts… but tell the 9 petty tyrants who want to keep locking most of Colorado down to (expletive) OFF. ‘We the people’ are DONE with this (expletive) (expletive), and you’re about to start a hot-shooting no (expletive) civil war. END. THE LOCKDOWN. NOW. Or face severe consequences.”

My wife and I have had a discussion about the lockdown in our state of Nevada. A family reunion is planned in Carson City at the end of July. I will be 74 years old, and she will turn 70 in December and suffers from asthma. Her family is coming from all over, including the states controlled by governors who are Trump lackeys, Georgia, and Florida. We must think of our personal health and we believe in respecting our governor, Steve Sisolak who has done a great job in our state. It took great courage to close the casinos in Las Vegas and Reno, and this decision has undoubtedly saved thousands of lives in the Silver State.

I am not a violent man, although this may surprise you if you have read some of my novels. However, it’s time for all real Americans to stand up to Fuhrer Trump and his thugs. They do not represent my America, and I hope they do not represent your views of our once respected nation.

The Constitution must be protected at all costs. It is the most sacred document in our nation and the Law of the Land.

I hope that God will bless the America of our founding fathers, not Trump’s distorted plans for our country’s future.

Op-ed by James Turnage


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