The “Trump Effect:” Why America is F**ked Up Today


The Truth Lives Here

Protestors opposed to saving human life; violating laws established by states; placing the profits of fake-Christian ministers ahead of human life; demanding privileges for individuals at the expense of the majority; allowing Trump and Fox News to dictate the future of America; accepting Trump’s obvious and egregious lies as fact; calling white supremacists “good people;” these and more are the result of the “Trump Effect.”

The truth is anyone who continues to support Trump’s fascist ideas is not an American and should reestablish residence in North Korea, Russia, or Saudi Arabia.

Millions of ignorant Americans continue to allow Trump to alter the future of the nation of our founding fathers. Trump’s vision of our nation is dark. This is not my country. My America is beautiful and its future is bright. As our nation becomes more diverse the dreams of Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, John Adams, and others is becoming a reality. My country is united, not divided. Real Americans cherish freedom, equality, and certain individual rights including decisions about our own mental and physical health.

In Trump’s America rights and freedom exist only for those who are wealthy and white. Anyone who does not agree with him must be punished. Money is god and the lives of working class Americans are dispensable, a form of collateral damage. His idea of governing is to take a “wait and see attitude.” He’s too busy to read intelligence reports and plan ahead for our nation’s future. Watching television is priority number one, followed by golf and hate rallies.

The Trump Effect encouraged the worst of America to crawl out from under their rocks. These people who are protesting against the stay at home orders are not Americans. They are Trumpsters; spawn created by Trump for Trump. They are a feeble-minded cult who have no interest in the welfare of anyone who refuses to worship the cult leader. Fascism has replaced democracy; everyone is expected to cast aside their intelligence and think like Donald John Trump.

I have never been a “follower,” and I’m not going to change today. I cherish my ability to think independently and make decisions based on the consideration of how my actions will affect those I love and others around me.

Choose to be free; choose to be a real American. Dump Trump.

Op-ed by James Turnage

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