Where Will America be in 2021?


The November election will be the most important election in our nation’s history. When the greatest disaster in America’s history happened on November 8, 2016, real Americans knew that the next four years would be destructive and an embarrassment for our country. However, no one predicted the disaster Donald Trump’s illegitimate presidency became. When he faced a crisis, he failed miserably and is responsible for our nation’s excessive loss of life from the coronavirus.

It is now evident that Joe Biden will be the Democratic candidate. I admit that I am disappointed. Like Trump, Biden is too old, and out of touch with 21st century Americans. Primary voters made the “safe choice.” Their desperation to rid America of DJT resulted in a failure to vote for the best candidate.

Our nation faces the same problems it faced on January 20, 2017. Our country must change and join the rest of developed nations if it is to survive. Although voters had an opportunity to elect a progressive candidate, they chose a man who will ignore universal healthcare for all, the need for free education for all Americans who want it, income inequality, women’s rights, the expansion of racism in America, and the constant threat of domestic terrorism. Biden will continue to support the ‘status quo.’

His selection of a running mate will be the most important decision he will ever make.

My greatest disappointment is the fact that Democratic voters had an opportunity to nominate a woman. They were offered three extremely qualified senators who would have crushed Trump in November.

Old, white men have caused great harm to our nation’s people for decades. They have and will continue to place profit before people, and prepare for war instead of planning for peace. A woman president would end the threat from military assault rifles, place education in a top priority, and create good paying jobs offered by green energy companies.

My greatest fear is that Biden will not inspire younger Americans and women to vote. Without these two demographics I doubt Trump will be defeated. His cult will go to the polls and if the voter turnout in November does not reach historic numbers, I doubt that the worst president in history will be removed from office.

I hope I’m wrong. Our nation cannot survive another four years of fascism.

Finally, I began supporting Kamala Harris in 2017. I continue to believe that she would have been the person we need in 2021. If our country does not move forward, it will destroy itself by remaining divided. Anger and hatred will continue to replace compassion and understanding. Emotions will continue to replace intelligent thought.

Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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