One Universal Link in the Failed Trump Administration: Mismanagement


Moscow Mitch McConnell hurried to push through Trump’s cabinet and top advisers during confirmation hearings in 2017. Excluding his choice for Secretary of Defense, not one of them was qualified. Just a few examples.

Betsy DeVos had no experience in government and no knowledge about how America’s education system worked. Her only qualification was that she and her billionaire husband donate millions of dollars to Republican candidates. DeVos is a religious extremist who believes that all children should attend Christian schools

Scott Pruitt, Trump’s choice to head the Environmental Protection Agency, was formerly the Attorney General for the state of Oklahoma. He filed numerous lawsuits against the very agency he was chosen to lead.

Ben Carson was a pediatric neurosurgeon without experience in anything else with the exception of making millions of dollars each year. He had and has no knowledge of how to become the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.

Rex Tillerson was Trump’s first choice as Secretary of State. The former CEO of Exxon had no experience in government and no training as a diplomat. Because he had the sense to know that Trump was abusing his powers, they constantly disagreed. Trump fired Tillerson and replaced him with an even lesser qualified stooge, Mike Pompeo.

Jeffrey Beauregard Sessions, a senator from Alabama, was Trump’s most loyal servant during the 2016 campaign. Thirty years prior to his being named the Attorney General of the United States Sessions was denied a federal judgeship based on multiple charges of racism. A racist cannot perform this job. That in itself would be a violation of the first amendment. He was fired for refusing to ignore ethics and for doing his job. He was replaced by a totally unqualified and immoral man, William Barr.

The list goes on and on including Rick Perry, Steve Mnuchin, Wilbur Ross and the others.

Possibly the greatest failure is happening today. The Department of Agriculture, (USDA), is allowing fresh vegetables to rot in the fields while Americans are standing in food lines as the coronavirus is accelerating our nation’s economic downturn. The agency has refused to initiate emergency purchasing and distribution actions which would aid both farmers and hungry Americans. Everyone suffers because Trump was illegitimately elected as your president.

The truth is that under Trump’s failed leadership our government is useless. They do nothing with the exception of spending all their time attempting to save Trump’s humongous derriere and therefore his failed presidency.

It all begins at the top. Thousands of Americans are dead today because Trump ignored the possibility of a world health emergency. In November of 2019, the President’s Daily Brief contained the first warning and it was ignored.

Save America and save your family and those you love: vote Trump and his party out of office in November. Plan now to go to the polls on November 3rd, or request and file an absentee ballot. This is your country, not theirs.

Op-ed by James Turnage


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