The Arrogant Blowhard has met his Match, and his name is Donald John Trump

Trump Lying

Trump has proven that he is his own worst enemy. However, this current crisis has crushed his fragile ego and proven that he is a complete failure. This was my greatest fear in 2016.

When the man-child began his “daily coronavirus briefings” I laughed. What could he offer the American people? He doesn’t believe in science. His administration has literally done nothing, leaving the fight against the pandemic to state’s governors. What did happen is just what I expected. The “briefings” turned into campaign rallies, sometimes lasting more than two hours.

These time-wasting events began to lose an audience more than a week ago. When Trump suggested that drinking or injecting disinfectants might fight the virus, he was serious. After this mental fail, he and his subordinates attempted to claim that he was being “sarcastic.” The problem here is that Trump does not have a sense of humor.

The White House is now suggesting that Trump may end his daily briefings. The question I have is, “will anyone notice?” If I wanted to listen to an old white man ramble on endlessly without saying anything of importance, I would tape my own rants. I have one advantage, I received an “A” in English, and it’s obvious that if Trump attended any classes, he received an “F.”

Here’s an amazing fact. When Trump made a failed attempt to lie his way out of such a moronic statement, his own network, Fox Noise, responded. Neil Cavuto and Bret Baier pushed back. “Wow, that is a little unsettling,” said Cavuto. “Got to clarify this. The president was not joking in his remarks yesterday.” And Baier said Trump “clearly stepped in it” and did not appear to be joking.

Once and for all the world is aware that Trump is a senile old man whose level of intelligence is insufficient to lead America.

Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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