Is Trump’s Latest Press Secretary just plain Stupid, or another Failed Trump Ass Kisser?


Kayleigh McEnany is Trump’s fourth press secretary in just over three years. Number three, Stephanie Grisham, failed to hold a single press conference. McEnany is nothing more than another blonde bimbo formerly employed by right-wing liars and traitors.

McEnany couldn’t wait to impress her obese boss. On Monday she followed the lead of the buffoon in the White House and used her twitter account to attack ABC White House reporter Katherine Faulders. The problem is, she chose a woman with a brain and quickly revealed that she does not.

Faulders, in a tweet quoting Donald Trump’s attempt to deflect criticisms of the administration’s continuing anemic testing production, wrote: “Trump says Gov. Hogan ’did not really understand the list’ provided by admin of labs in MD. Actually, per audio obtained, Hogan said he was ‘in contact with every one’ of them & said he wasn’t able to use some because certain labs were federally run or controlled by DoD & were off limits.”

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan has been very critical of the Trump administration’s failure to provide the necessary number of coronavirus testing kits.

Retweeting Faulders’ report, McEnany, unable to speak to any of the actual content of what was being reported, wrote this reply: “To you, he’s not Trump, he’s PRESIDENT Trump!” So, there you go. He’s “President Trump” as opposed to just Trump. Now, McEnany has a history of saying stupid, wrong-headed stuff that goes back to the beginnings of her craven career.

Trump loves his paid liars, and my prediction is that McEnany will last the longest of all of them. She’s his type, Much like his daughter, she will say anything to save Trump’s humongous derriere. She is brainless, egotistical, arrogant, and uninformed. The only thing which could make her more attractive to him is if she was a porn star willing to spank that big a** with a magazine.

Op-ed by James Turnage


Photo courtesy of Gage Skidmore

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