After Trump is no longer Defiling our White House, America will Lose its Status as he Wealthiest Nation in the World

Climate Change (2)

Politicians and the mainstream media lack the courage to warn the American people of the next crisis facing Trump and his unfit administration. The recent stimulus package will add trillions of dollars to the national debt already at its highest point in history thanks to Trump’s fiscal policy failures.

Large corporations, including the worst industry in our nation are seeking billions of dollars to bail them out for failed business practices. The Airlines have continued to offer diminished service and increased fares, while charging for everything but water on flights inside our country. They are following the current practices of America’s hospitals who charge for everything used by a patient. I think eight dollars for a box of Kleenex is outrageous, but maybe I’m wrong?

Our nation will become indebted to China and other nations in amounts we will not be able to repay for decades. We will no longer be the richest nation in the world: we will become a “debtor nation.”

Then there’s climate change. This single issue proves that the right-wing is more concerned with corporate profits than the people of our nation and the world. They claim that they are deniers, but the truth is profits are more important than the future of the planet. An important fact is that climate change and pandemics are closely related; scientific facts ignored by today’s Republican Party in name only.

The stupidity of this situation is confusing. As the nations of the world lose their shorelines; crops die in the heat of the sun without sufficient water; and hurricanes, tornadoes, flooding, and winter storms become historic in their proportions; corporations will experience devastating losses.

The truth is that in the 21st century, no nation can stand alone. We need each other: we depend upon each other for our very survival. Greed is destructive, and Trump supports greed and ignores the needs of his nation’s people.

Although politicians and the media will never tell you the truth, capitalism is the primary reason the dream of our fathers is failing. Greed produces men and women who lose their understanding and compassion for their fellow man. Income inequality will become the biggest problem facing the future of our nation in just a few years.

The most important fact which proves my suppositions involves healthcare, education, women’s rights, and equal treatment under the law. America is the only developed nation failing to offer its people universal healthcare, free or low-cost education, full equality for women, and protection for minorities, all religions, and the LGBTQ community.

The future of America has been in danger for four decades but is accelerating under Trump’s fascist policies.

November 3rd is likely our last chance to save America for our children and grandchildren. Your vote has never been more important. A large voter turnout will destroy the people’s greatest enemy, today’s Republican Party in name only. They do not serve the people and must be evicted from Washington.

The Truth Lives Here

Op-ed by James Turnage


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