Only one Person in the World Hates the Truth more than Trump: his Paid Liar, Kellyanne Conway


Over the last 40 years I became an enemy of today’s Republican Party in name only. However, the greatest enemy of the once GOP remains the truth. Not a single right-wing politician would win an election if they told the truth.

Whenever Trump’s lips or thumbs are moving, he’s lying. Whenever a legitimate reporter asks him a direct question, he becomes livid and attacks the man or woman who is doing their job. His greatest enemies are facts.

Only one member of his circle of sinners has more hatred for the truth, his first paid liar, Kellyanne Conway.

It’s not news to informed Americans that minorities are always a larger statistic during health emergencies. They usually have less health insurance or none at all, and their homes are often occupied by more than a single family resulting in a greater opportunity to become infected from a contagious disease.

When Trump selected his cabinet and advisers late in 2016, it was obvious that he would not include minorities in his administration. After the tragedy in Charlottesville, Virginia, Trump confirmed that he is a white supremacist like his father and grandfather before him.

Therefore, when Trump recently announced that he was creating an “Opening our Country Council,” it was no surprise that it was void of diversity. It’s also important to notice here that many of the names offered by Trump during the announcement had not been contacted previously by any member of his administration.

On Thursday, CBS correspondent Paula Reid asked spin doctor Kellyanne Conway about the lack of diversity on the council.

Conway responded: “Paula, I actually don’t know what’s happened to you,” Conway said in the tense exchange, which was captured by C-SPAN.

The Trump administration is infamous for making statements about the issues but not offering information about the actions they would take to solve the problem. So, when Ms. Reid asked other reasonable questions, Conway refused to answer and attempted to protect her boss’s failures.

“How will they work? How will they meet? How will they make recommendations to the president?” she first asked at a press gaggle before pivoting to the issue of diversity.

“And is there any thought to diversifying that council beyond what is predominantly a group of very wealthy white men?” Reid continued.

Conway responded that Trump had calls scheduled that very day with some of the individuals on the list, which she characterized as “probably less exhaustive than it is illustrative.” She then defended the homogeny of the council’s membership, claiming that Trump does not get to pick “who the heads of the sports commission leagues and CEOs of companies are.”

And when Reid pushed back — pointing out that the White House could, in fact, include a range of voices — Conway turned the argument into a personal one.

“Paula, I actually don’t know what’s happened to you,” she told the journalist. “Respectfully, I don’t know why you’ve changed.”

Conway went on to claim that Ms. Reid screamed at Trump and Dr. Fauci, which were blatant falsehoods.

I have not and will not listen to Trump’s fake briefings, which are in reality nothing but a campaign rally, but some of the lowlights depict Trump’s antics. When he doesn’t want to answer a question or doesn’t know the answer, he personally attacks Ms. Reid and others.

The truth is that Trump and his circle of sinners cannot be trusted. For the last 39 months they have failed to act on a single issue which faced them on January 20, 2017. It was no surprise to me and millions of others that when Trump was faced with a crisis, he simply pretended that it would go away. He had no idea about the steps necessary to face a true natural disaster. His only solution remains, “protecting the wealth of the super-rich.”

Dump Trump; the truth lives here.

Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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