Trump Blew It: He had an Opportunity to Guarantee his Reelection, but Was too Dumb to Seize It


In the very last days of 2019 Trump was informed about a growing health crisis in the Wuhan Province of China. He ignored it. In January, he told the American people that ‘it would pass.’ Meanwhile, his fourth press secretary in three years, Kayleigh McEnany, was telling Fox Noise viewers that “President Trump will not let the coronavirus come to America.” As of today, there are 470,612 confirmed cases, and 16,739 deaths in the United States.

For a couple of days in March, it appeared that Trump might actually be doing something for the American people. We all hoped that he would use his legitimate powers to stem the spread of the coronavirus. It didn’t last long. After constant corrections by America’s foremost expert on contagious disease, Dr. Anthony Fauci, he began to attack him, the CDC, and most recently the WHO. Everyone was responsible for Trump’s denial and failure to take immediate action. Everyone but the failure himself.

Polls revealed an upturn for your illegitimate president during that week. However, his obvious lies and continual failure to say anything accurate or encouraging have reversed the slight increase and his favorability rating is falling once again.

I remember laughing as I read some “political experts” claim that Trump was a “talented politician.” The fact that the schoolyard bully failed to grasp an enormous opportunity to win over voters has proven that I was and remain right: Trump is mentally incompetent and incapable of doing the job for which he was illegitimately elected. He is not a talented politician; the truth is he has never accomplished one thing in his entire, pitiful life without the aid of a foreign nation.

Trump must not receive your vote. He is not an American president. The truth lives here.

Op-ed by James Turnage


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