A Little Humor in the Truth


One entire group of Americans has been put out of work. They cannot perform the “jobs” which they relied on for most or all of their income. They are not eligible for unemployment, and will likely not receive bailout checks. They will not be able to find employment based on their only skill. But don’t feel sorry for them.

With most of our nation’s people now at home for nearly 24 hours each day, burglars are unable to steal from private homes. It is too dangerous for most of these home invaders to do what they do best. How will they make a living?

Another group are shoplifters. Most retail stores are closed. Imagine their stress standing outside of stores knowing that there are many items inside the establishment they could easily pilfer, but the doors are locked.

Just think about the men and women who sell illegal drugs. Where can they meet their clients? Parks are closed; malls are closed and going to someone’s home will be noticed by all of their neighbors who have nothing else to do.

And finally, what about the Kirby Vacuum Cleaner salesmen and women? No one is answering their doors, and who gives a damn if their carpets are not perfectly clean.

The truth is that small businesses and their employees are once again suffering the most. Big business will be fine. They may not be able to give their CEOs millions of dollars in bonuses for one year, but they have money up their a**es. Real Americans are suffering, and once again the evil of unrestricted capitalism will be the reason for our nation’s financial ruin.

The Truth Lives Here

Op-ed by James Turnage

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