Evangelicals Continue to Support Lucifer’s Brother, and like Him, They’re Going Down


Donald Trump is the worst person in the world. His egomaniacal and immoral actions prove his lack of interest in being our nation’s president. For more than three years he used his position for personal gain, while harming the future of our nation and the safety of the world.

One group who has continued to support the buffoon in the White House call themselves evangelicals. This Christian extremist group continues to ignore the fact that Trump is not a Christian. Not only does he lie constantly, he is a self-admitted sexual predator, has been charged with more than 20 women of sexual assault, and has been married three times while mentally and physically abusing them. He cheats at everything from golf to business ventures, and has never sacrificed anything for another human being or his country.

The definition of “Evangelical” does not describe today’s fake Christians. “Belonging to one of the Protestant Churches or Christian groups that believes that the teaching of the Bible and persuading other people to join them is extremely important.” The truth is they deny the new testament and the teachings of Jesus Christ.

The only effort every person in the world can take to slow the spread of the coronavirus is self-quarantine. State governors have ordered their citizens to simply ‘stay at home.’ Evangelical leaders are ignoring the safety of their followers and the rules set forth by the leaders of their states, and placed thousands of men, women, and children in danger by holding church services.

“Several states, including Florida, have carved out exceptions for religious services in their stay-at-home orders, along with Texas, Michigan, Delaware, New Mexico, Ohio, and West Virginia.”

One such moron and fake-Christian, Rodney Howard-Browne held packed services in Florida. He was arrested for violating the order to stay at home. He paid bail and agreed to hold services for only ten people at one time. However, he offered the following statement. “I have to do this to protect the congregation—not from the virus but from a tyrannical government,” he said.

The greatest enemy to the safety of the American people is domestic, white terrorism. The greatest danger to our nation’s government is the Christian Religious Right. Every day Republicans in name only allow this lobby to influence their votes, while they violate the first amendment.

A final fact. I am one of approximately 73 million Americans who reject organized religion; and our numbers are growing. The actions of Evangelical leaders who compose the CRR are the reason why young Americans reject Christianity. The truth is that other than “religion none,” the fastest growing religion in America is the Religion of Islam.

The Truth Lives Here

Op-ed by James Turnage


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