Impeached President Donald John Trump is Receiving Backlash for Including 500 Billion Dollars for Corporations


The suffering  the American people are experiencing from the coronavirus extends beyond their health concerns. Millions of men and women are unemployed and their jobs do not offer a ‘work from home’ option. A real American president would have compassion for these men and women, but not Impeached DJT. Corporate America is priority number one for the pretender in the White House.

Adding to complaints from consumer groups is the fact that $500 billion will be given to large corporations and how it will be distributed. Trump’s fake Secretary of the Treasury, Steve Mnuchin will unilaterally decide who receives one-half of a trillion dollars. Mnuchin is a former Wall Street banker. Can you say, “corruption?”

“I do not understand, and my Administration will not treat, this provision as permitting the [the Inspector General] to issue reports to the Congress without the presidential supervision,” he wrote in a signing statement. A signing statement indicates how the president intends to interpret a law.  Trump has a record of seeking to withhold information from Congress, most notably during the recent House Intelligence Committee’s probe of his dealings with Ukraine. He likewise fought efforts by House committees to subpoena his financial records. Trump could not survive if the truth was known.

Let’s be clear. Profit continues to be a priority over the needs of the American people in Washington. Not a single corporation deserves another taxpayer bailout. Their profits are outrageous, and Trump’s reduction of the corporate tax rate allowed many of them to pay no taxes in 2019, including Walmart and Amazon.

The airlines sure as hell do not deserve a bailout. They are a disgrace. I worked for an airline in LAX from 1967 until 1976. We took pride in our customer service without computers or cell phones. Fares were regulated by the government. Today passengers are considered a necessary evil. We are crowded in seats made for a small child, and forced to pay additional fees for everything but water, and I’m sure that will come soon. When a Republican-dominated Congress allowed large airlines to merge and reduce competition, the American traveler suffered and is paying for their efforts to please special interests.

The truth is that only those unemployed because of the coronavirus deserve a bailout in the form of extended unemployment: no one else.

The Truth Lives Here

Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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