Once again Democrats are Working Hard while Moscow Mitch’s Senate Drags their Feet to Help Victims


It’s an old story which began in Ronald Reagan’s second term. While Democrats work hard to pass bills important to the majority of Americans, Republicans fail to take action while attempting to protect special interests.

Since January 3, 2019 the Democratic House has passes more than 300 bills. They are now gathering dust with no vote in site in the senate on Moscow Mitch McConnell’s desk.

It took more than a week of lies and attempts to hide the facts about the coronavirus for Trump to admit that there is a pandemic which is affecting the American people. The House has been working night and day to pass legislation to relieve the monetary stress to the working class, and once again Moscow Mitch’s Republican senate is hesitating to do the right thing.

Kentucky has 35 cases as of 7:10 PDT on March 18, and one 66-year-old man has died. But Moscow Mitch and his Republican cowards are not concerned about the people in their states. They are more interested in their “careers” and the special interests they serve.

Today Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown took the floor to offer the sad state of affairs in Washington thanks to “dereliction of duty” by Trump and his hypocritical party.

For nearly 38 months the American people have turned their heads as cowardly Republicans allowed Trump to go unpunished for his Constitutional violations and his failures. The ultimate occurred on February 7th when they allowed the man impeached by the House to go free without a legitimate and fair trial. Not a single witness was allowed to testify before the senate. Today they are desperate to protects incompetence. He has failed to take timely action to prevent the spread of the virus, and is now attempting to convince the American people that he cares. Once again Republicans are giving him a free pass. The worst president in history must be evicted from our White House.

“President Trump had chance after chance after chance to get ahead of this coronavirus pandemic in the United States. He failed. Congress can’t make the same mistakes, senators should not leave town,” he said. Brown pointed out what was at stake for not only the American worker, but the health of all those unable to stay home—not because they are providing an essential service, but because they cannot afford to stay home.

He added: The best way to stop the spread of the virus is to say to people, if they’re sick, you can stay home. And you can get sick pay like every other country in the world. Every other rich country in the world provides sick pay for people who can’t go to work because they’re sick it’s just it’s as simple as that.”

Republicans continue to serve special interests. They have failed to support the voters who elected them for the last 30+ years.

I have written articles defending the truth for the last seven years. It’s time for all Americans to stand up to the failures in Washington who lie to you every day and in November expect you to vote for them. Every American must be informed and do the right thing on election day.

The Truth Lives Here

Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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