The Two Worst Presidents in History are Two Failed Businessmen



I have a friend who posted on Facebook that ‘the worst presidents in history were lawyers and teachers. Apparently, he believes Abraham Lincoln was one of our worst presidents. Other Presidents who were lawyers include Franklin Delano Roosevelt, James Madison, James Monroe, Bill Clinton, Barrack Obama, and Thomas Jefferson, among others.

Only four presidents were teachers: Lyndon Johnson, Chester A. Arthur, James Garfield, and Bill Clinton who was both a teacher and a lawyer.

I claim that the worst presidents in history by far are Bush 43 and Donald Trump. Both are failed businessmen.

I do not celebrate ‘President’s Day.’ Very few of our 45 presidents deserve to be honored. However, the worst of all time are without a doubt our 43rd and 45th. Both followed standard business practices and lied to the American people constantly. Both lacked the intelligence of lawyers and teachers. Both were woefully unqualified to become our nation’s leader.

In 1977 Bush 43 began an oil company called “Arbusto Energy.” After several changes, including sales and mergers, Bush failed. After his father’s 1988 election, “W” bought shares in the Texas Rangers. Several years later, under investigation for insider trading, he was forced to liquidate his holdings in the team.

As our president he nearly bankrupted our nation after engaging in two unwinnable wars, and a ‘trickle-down’ fiscal policy which placed America in the great recession. When he left office in 2009, our nation was trillions of dollars in debt and the unemployment rate was rising. He failed in his private life and ended his career failing our nation. It is important to add a fact: when George W. Bush entered office in 2001, he inherited a surplus in our national treasury created by Democratic President Bill Clinton.

Trump’s history is more dramatic. He was sent away to boarding school at age 13. When he was eligible for the Vietnam War draft in 1964, there is evidence that father Fred Trump purchased deferments from a doctor who was a resident in one of his New York apartments.

One thing every real American has learned over the last four-plus years is that it is highly likely that Trump did not earn his degree from Wharton. He cannot read, spell, or effectively use the English language. I have no doubt that Fred once again saved his son by purchasing his diploma. As a matter of record, Trump’s lawyers have threatened multiple lawsuits against any educational institution involved to prevent revealing Trump’s transcripts.

Donny received approximately 432 million dollars from his father. By 1991 he was 900 million dollars in debt. Actions taken by his father and a Saudi prince saved him. However, once again in 1995 he found himself in danger of losing everything. The same Saudi prince purchased 51 percent of his major business investments and he was rescued once again.

Trump’s personal life is filled with bankruptcies, including Atlantic City casinos, and multiple lawsuits. Without loans from Deutsche Bank Trump would have been penniless on election day 2016. He is the ultimate ‘failed businessman.’

Today Trump is failing the American people. For the last three years he bragged about the accomplishments of President Obama as his own. The facts prove that he has done nothing to better our nation’s economy. When he entered office, our nation was in full recovery. Trump’s actions related to America’s economy involve a trade war with China which destroyed thousands of small farmers, and tax breaks for the super-rich and corporations which added 1.2 trillion dollars to the deficit in 2019.

As I write this, the coronavirus crisis combined with Trump’s failed policies are creating a crash in the stock market and a loss of billions of dollars for small businesses across the nation.

I care about my friend, but he is another brainwashed viewer of Rupert Murdoch’s right-wing propaganda machine misnamed “Fox New.” He and some of my relatives have lost multiple IQ points because they allow themselves to be lied to on a daily basis.

Fox was created in 1986 by Murdoch and sexual deviant Roger Ailes for two purposes: to divide our nation, and help failed Republicans win elections with the use of lies and half-truths.

Time to face reality: Trump is an illegitimate president and will be remembered by historians as the greatest debacle in American politics.

The Truth Lives Here

Op-ed by James Turnage

Images courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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