More Proof Americans want Progressive Leaders

Trump and Moscow Mitch

Dan Lipinski served Illinois’ third district for eight terms: 16 years. He is known as one of the most conservative Democrats in the House. Tuesday, voters informed Lipinski that the voters of Illinois believe a progressive would serve them better.

Businesswoman, Marie Newman, holds a 47-45 percent lead this morning with 99 percent of the precincts reporting. She ran on a progressive platform and the people were listening.

I maintain my belief of three years ago that women and progressives will lead our nation forward. History is important, contrary to the beliefs of most Republicans. The 2018 midterms offered informed Americans a lesson: the American people are tired of watching our nation either remain stagnant or moving backwards in its concerns for the majority.

Here are a few issues which cost Lipinski his seat in congress. He is anti-abortion, anti-same-sex marriage, and opposes Medicare for all. Polls reveal a changing nation which supports these issues in 2020.

Once again, I must offer some facts which reveal a nation not served by most politicians and the mainstream media.

Sociologists predictions of a ‘more diverse’ America have been surpassed in the 21st century. Pure white Americans are literally a dying breed.

The average age of all Americans is 38.1 years of age. Millennials, men and women born between 1981 and 1996, are the largest voting bloc in America. Women dominate the population 51-49 percent. Younger Americans and women share a belief in progressive ideas, and support programs which serve the people’s needs and wishes, not special interests or the military industrial complex.

Younger Americans believe in the Bill of Rights and its guarantee of freedom and equality for all. They support stronger gun laws, and full equality for women in every situation, including control over their personal physical and mental health.

Change is here. What frightens me is the fact that the two likely candidates on the ballot in November will be two old, white men. Trump at 74 and Biden at 77 are too old to understand today’s Americans.

Here’s the way I see it. Trump is already a “lame duck” president. Biden’s hopes of defeating the egomaniacal narcissist lie on his choice for vice-president. He claims that he will choose a woman as his running mate. If that woman is another centrist: a woman like Amy Klobuchar who believes in the status quo: he will lose the election. If Kamala Harris or Elizabeth Warren are standing next to him on July 16th, he will crush Trump.

Time will tell us if America will continue to be a beacon for the world’s downtrodden or if fascism will rule over our nation’s future.

The Truth Lives Here

Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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