Trump Creates Chaos in Washington and Across America with a Convoluted and Controversial Address from the Oval Office

Trump in Oval

Over and over again Trump has proven that he is incapable of coherent communication with the American people. His latest address from the Oval Office was intended to ease the tensions about the coronavirus. Once again, your incompetent and illegitimate president failed.

One segment of his rambling speech was especially disturbing. Without informing our European allies or his own White House staff, the schoolyard bully announced a ban on European travel. This caused mass confusion and great concern at home and abroad.

“It is just total chaos,” said one official currently abroad, adding that they did not know if they would have to return to the U.S. immediately or if they would need to quarantine for two weeks upon arriving. Diplomats and other U.S. staff overseas did not know if they’d be able to even visit their families back in the States, and they frantically searched for answers that weren’t immediately available from Foggy Bottom or the West Wing.

White House officials were flooded with phone calls from Americans currently in Europe, as well as their counterparts working for our European allies.

“I’m used to it with this administration that we wouldn’t know anything until the morning after,” another U.S. official said. “But now basically a full work day later? That’s surprising even for these times.”

This buffoon who claims to be our president continues to make hasty and rash decisions without consulting anyone else. Someone needs to inform him that he is a public servant and not an autocrat. This is more difficult today after 52 cowardly Republican senators ignored their Constitutional duty allowing him to remain in office on February 7th.

Once again, I must offer my appreciation for Mitt Romney. Although I have never been supportive of the Senator from Utah in the past, his statements after the vote were impressive, honest, and patriotic. I just wish there were other real Republicans on the right side of the aisle.

“We are wasting time playing mop-up on something we absolutely should not have to do right now. And it goes without say[ing] that we aren’t allowed to admit that any of it is the fault of the president.” Anonymous senior administration official.

Trump is his own worst enemy. His lack of intelligence and inability to carefully make decisions and policy are always harmful to our country and frequently cause damage to our allies. Trump’s unconstitutional actions forced the House to impeach him. Prior to his own actions, Speaker Nancy Pelosi rejected the idea of impeaching a president for only the third time in our nation’s history.

Donny Boy’s mishandling of the coronavirus pandemic is unforgivable. It would have been better if he had stayed away from the television cameras and allowed health experts to take the lead, but this egomaniac continues to be nothing more than a reality television show host. Trump has and never will be “presidential.” For me and tens-of-million other Americans, DJT will never be our president.

“The Truth Lives Here”

Op-ed by James Turnage


Photo courtesy of the White House

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