Lies from Fox Noise are the Most Destructive Influence in America’s History


When Fox Noise began broadcasting in 1986, informed Americans like myself believed that it would fail within a couple of years. I underestimated the willingness of uninformed Americans who were desperate to find a “new” network which supported their views of an America which was regressive. Their loyal viewers continue to believe in white supremacy, xenophobia, homophobia, and sexism. Over the last 34 years they have attacked forward thinking Americans and the Constitution while protecting the right of the super-rich to increase their personal wealth at the expense of the American people.

Fox’ fake journalists intentionally misled their viewers about the seriousness of the coronavirus from the very beginning. They remain more concerned about covering-up Trump’s failures than the welfare of the American people.

The man who continues to kiss Trump’s humongous derriere more than Moscow Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham, Sean Hannity, offered the following lie.

“If you are over the mass hysteria, if you’re over politicizing and weaponizing of the coronavirus, you are not alone,” Sean Hannity, the highest-rated host on Fox News, assured the network’s prime time audience this week.

I demand Fox end its claim that it is a “news” network. I must rename itself what it is: “The Republican Propaganda Network.” Its only reason for existing is to help the right-wing win elections. Like their fuhrer, DJT, they refuse to tell the truth about any serious issue facing the American people.

If you are a Fox viewer, you must realize that every time you turn on the network, you lose several IQ points. You choose ignorance over reality.

“The Truth Lives Here”

Op-ed by James Turnage

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