Make No Mistake: This Election is About Saving the Constitutional Rights of all Americans


Those of you who read me are aware that I do not believe Joe Biden is what America needs today. However, on November 3rd the future of our country is in the balance. The Constitution has been attacked by every Republican politician, with the exception of Mitt Romney, for more than three years.

Their entire purpose since January 20, 2017, has been to save the illegitimate presidency of Donald John Trump. The continue to hide his Constitutional violations including abuse of presidential powers, obstruction of justice, and violations of the Emoluments Clause. Trump is not an American president by anyone’s definition.

This year’s election is less about the candidates, and more about the two parties. Republicans are allowing the Constitution to be spit on every day by Trump and his circle of sinners. In November 3, we will go to the polls and decide if the Constitution will remain the Law of the Land, or if fascism will be allowed to replace our democracy.

Once again the Republican Party has proven that it is incapable of governing a nation of 330 million people whose population is growing in diversity, and where income inequality is creating a two-class nation: the rich and those of us who struggle in the underpaid working class.

A fact you can check. In modern history, from the 1930’s until today, the working class has fared far better under Democratic leadership. Another fact: since 1981 all Republican presidents have used a single fiscal policy originally called “supply side economics,” but became known as “trickle-down economics.” They believed that giving more money to the wealthy would create jobs. It was doomed to fail and has continued to do so for the last 31 years when a Republican occupied the White House.

Reagan originated the idea and when he left office in 1989 the unemployment rate was over 10 percent. The national debt had risen to one-trillion dollars. Bush 41 lost his reelection because he used the same policy. Bush 43 left office in 2009 with our country nearing a depression and our military fighting unwinnable wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. In 2008, Hillary Clinton issued a blistering critique of the Bush administration’s ineptitude: “It’s a policy so divorced from the reality facing the American people and the American economy that it would be laughable if it weren’t so frightening.”

Today, under Trump’s failed policy of “taking care of the rich,” our nation is nearing another recession.

Trump’s only plan to address the frightening spread of the coronavirus is focused on finances, not the welfare of the American people. His ignorance is a great danger to our nation’s future.

According to CNN, “Wall Street executives, including bank CEOs,” have been invited to provide suggestions on how the U.S. economy could possibly claw itself out of a worldwide work stoppage.” The White House is considering small “timely and targeted micro forms of assistance,” according to Larry Kudlow, the Fox News personality now apparently responsible for saving the entire U.S. economy. But, as he clarifies, “we’re not looking at these massive, federal, throw money at people plans.”

When Trump was campaigning, he told his cult that they would ‘tire of winning.’ Today his actions will force Americans to say: “We’re tired of you failing, failing, and failing again.”

Trump knows nothing about the American government or its economy. He doesn’t want to. He is living the life of a billionaire at taxpayer expense while the country is falling into a black hole. Someone needs to stand up to the schoolyard bully and tell him that, “Rome is burning, and you’re fired.”

“The Truth Lives Here”

Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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