Have you Noticed the Fear from the Right? Everything which Happens is “an Effort to Take Down Trump”


Trump never does anything wrong. But when he does, many times each day, he attacks others for his mistakes. If I was a Trump supporter, God forbid I could be so ignorant, I would be tired of Trump and his stooges claiming that everything which has happened during Donny Boy’s illegitimate presidency is “an effort to take down Trump.”

No one is working harder to ‘take down Trump’ than Trump, his Klan, and his circle of sinners. Every day someone in the Trump administration spits on the Constitution. Trump was impeached and if fake Republicans would have followed the lead of Mitt Romney, he would not be defiling the White House today. After his immoral acquittal in the senate Trump began violating the Constitution more frequently.

The fact that right-wing politicians and the Trump cult don’t want to face: Trump has been under investigation prior to the first day of his illegitimate presidency. Not a single day has passed without controversy. Although our government has hidden many of the facts, Trump did collude with Vladimir Putin to win the Electoral College in 2016. In violation of the Emoluments Clause, Trump continues to expand his foreign business interests. By hiding his tax returns and all items related to his business interest he is admitting guilt. By refusing to allow testimony from men and women with first-hand knowledge of his crimes, he obstructed justice; another impeachable offense.

Trump and his failed circle of sinners are facing another crisis for which they are unprepared. When asked about what his administration was doing about the coronavirus, he responded casually. ‘Warmer weather is coming and the coronavirus will end with the cold.’ Trump’s final solution: put Mike Pence in charge of the situation. This is the same Mike Pence who completely failed to address the growth of HIV in his own state of Indiana.

However, another Trump stooge continues to claim that ‘everyone is out to get poor obese, old, white, DJT.’

White House acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney on Friday accused the press of only zeroing in on coronavirus now in an effort to “take down” President Trump.

He is right about one thing: Trump has done nothing positive for our nation in 37 months. It’s not his fault; spending taxpayer money partying at his resorts and holding his hate rallies takes a lot of time. And those little white balls won’t hit themselves; someone has to do it.

The term is: “guilty as hell.”

“The Truth Lives Here”

Op ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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