Democratic Politicians must Cease the Republican Practice of Using Scare Tactics and Unite Behind Bernie Sanders


In 2017 I began supporting Kamala Harris for the Democratic Party’s 2020 nomination. I continue to believe that she would have been the best candidate and would have crushed Trump on November 3rd. However, as her campaign lost sufficient funding to continue her efforts to become our 46th president, she ended her run for the White House.

I became ‘undecided,’ which I never am. Cory Booker had also ended his campaign. Joe Biden believes in stagnation and abandoned his liberal/progressive views, if he ever had any. He is another old, white politician who lacks the willingness to move our nation forward into the 21st century.

There are many things to like about Pete Buttigieg. However, as the mayor of a small town and no experience in federal government, I believe he would be destroyed by the Washington establishment.

Bernie Sanders supports every issue important to me. Most importantly he has the support of millennials, women, African Americans, and Hispanics. I have been concerned about his age, but the truth is that Trump, Biden, and Sanders are all old white men. Sanders is the only male candidate who has plans for our nation’s future which will benefit the majority.

I believe that Elizabeth Warren would be not only a historical president, but one of the greatest in American history. However, our male-dominated society aided in the defeat of Hillary Clinton, and is obviously opposed to Senator Warren’s nomination in 2020.

But here is the truth. If Bernie Sanders wins or is a very close second tomorrow, 2/29/2020, in South Carolina, he will be a formidable opponent for the remaining six candidates. On “Super Tuesday,” March 3rd, the American people will decide the Democratic candidate. If it is Bernie, I will support him with every ability at my disposal. Democratic Politicians must Cease the Republican Practice of Using Scare Tactics and Unite Behind Bernie Sanders.

Every true American who despises Trump and his hypocritical party must do the same. We must unite behind the Democratic candidate. The truth is that Bernie is a great candidate. He is not a communist, or a socialist. He is an American. Bernie’s proposals mimic a return to a time in our nation’s history when every American was served by its government.

Why should the working class surrender to a plutocracy? Moderate Democrats and Independents are afraid to call the 2020 election a “revolution:” that is exactly what it is. Either the working class; the majority; surrenders to the super-rich or we take back our rights to share in the success of American business. All Americans share in the right to enjoy the benefits of living in what was once the most progressive nation in the world.

It is un-American for the rich to be the only citizens who live the ‘American lifestyle.’ This nation was founded on equality and human rights. Our founding fathers did not differentiate between rich and poor when they authored the Constitution. All Americans are guaranteed an opportunity for liberty and the ability to seek a better life for themselves and their families.

The truth is that both Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders stand for these values. Trump opposes every issue supported by the left side of the aisle. The orange child infesting the White House is the candidate of the wealthy and that says it all. Trump will continue his fascist agenda and make slaves out of the 99 percent of Americans.

Your vote will count and will result in the continuation of the dream of our founding fathers or support Trump’s autocratic control of our nation’s future. My last question: does real freedom mean anything to you? You must make that decision on November 3, 2020.

“The Truth Lives Here”

Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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