Trump and Netanyahu’s Political Event had nothing to do with a Middle East Peace Plan

Netanyahu and Trump

Every action taken by your illegitimate president worsens the problem. Economic recovery begun by President Obama was broken by Trump’s foolish decision to place additional, huge tariffs on imports, and his gifts to the super-rich and large corporations in the form of large tax cuts. The deficit is rising at an unacceptable rate.

Early in 2017 Trump, Moscow Mitch McConnell, and ‘Lyin’ Paul Ryan attempted to repeal Obamacare, and replace it with Trumpcare. It was such a poorly written bill that Republicans were forced to vote against it in the senate.

Trump has a long list of Constitutional violations. There are so many that the lies he told during hearings in the House could not save him from impeachment. Only a hypocritical and cowardly Republican senate saved his illegitimate presidency.

The biggest farce and possibly the biggest failure by Trump and his circle of sinners concerns peace in the Middle East. When Trump and Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, stood before the media and announced a plan to end hostilities between Israel and the Palestinian people, it was obvious from the beginning that they were not serious. The “plan” was constructed without the participation of Palestinian leaders. It was a gift to Israel and guaranteed that current failed policies would continue for decades.

So, why would Trump waste time praising himself for another failure? The truth is that for both old, white men, this was a political event. Both men are facing multiple controversies and challenges to their positions of leadership. Although a solution to the angry dispute between Israel and the Palestinian people is critical to establishing peace in the Middle East, both men believe that empty words will aid their political status. The world does not see it that way. The European Union has denounced this “plan for peace” for what it is, a sham.

An article in “The Guardian” describes the legitimate concerns of serious diplomats and world leaders.

“The plan contradicts internationally agreed parameters for the Middle East peace process, relevant UN resolutions, including security council resolution 2334, and the most fundamental principles of international law. Instead of promoting peace, it risks fueling the conflict – at the expense of Israeli and Palestinian civilians alike, and with grave implications for Jordan and the wider region. It has been met with widespread opposition in the region, in Europe, and in the United States.”

The plan permits the continuation of what can only be called “land grabbing” by the Israeli government and continued growth of Israeli settlements on the West Bank. It allows for a Palestinian State in the future, but that too would be a farce. In Trump and Netanyahu’s plan Palestine would not be autonomous. Control of Palestinian territory would remain in the hands of Israel’s military leaders.

Israel was recognized as a ‘State’ in 1948; 72 years ago. The Palestinian people are still waiting. This situation is directly attributable to U.S. support of Israel’s position and in opposition to the plans proposed by Palestinian leaders.

It was clear that Trump and Netanyahu were not serious about creating a fair and equitable situation in the region. The event displayed two desperate, white, old, failing men who are ‘hell bent’ on retaining their positions of wealth and power.

“The Truth Lives Here”

Op-ed by James Turnage


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