Who Will Win South Carolina’s Primary? Just Months Ago, Joe Biden had a 28 Point Lead; Now?

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With three wins behind him, and momentum growing, Bernie Sanders appears to be the candidate to beat for the Democratic nomination. The next primary is in South Carolina on Saturday, February 29th. Just a few months ago Joe Biden was leading all candidates by 28 points. Today Bernie is trailing him by only five points; Tom Steyer is trailing by ten.

South Carolina will be followed in just three days by “super Tuesday.” On March 3rd, 13 states will hold their primaries. When all the votes are counted at the end of the day, if Bernie wins even one-half of the states outright, he may be unbeatable.

The truth is that if Bernie wins South Carolina, the race for the nomination may be in the control of the Senator from Vermont.

As opposite as President Obama and Trump are, Bernie is even more diametrically opposed to Trump’s vile policies than the former president. Trump is a fascist; there is no longer any doubt about that fact. The mainstream media is too cowardly to tell the truth, but his actions speak even louder than his words. Bernie is a true Democrat; a liberal/progressive man who places the American people ahead of money and power. Most importantly, Trump is the worst illegitimate president in American history. Bernie would be a great president; restoring American values to government and renewing dignity and respect to the office of President of the United States of America.

Trump never tells the truth, while Bernie is always honest. Trump has no idea how to care for 330 million people, and doesn’t want to learn. Bernie’s experience in the senate has prepared him to become a true leader in the White House; not a puppet for the leaders of Russia and Saudi Arabia. Bernie would reinstate our relationship with the countries who have been our close allies for decades and shun our enemies; the countries Trump favors.

Real change is coming; the people demand it. Your choice on November 3rd is to accept the end of democracy in America or elect a man or woman who will work for you and those you love. The future of the dream of our founding fathers is in your hand; the hand which marks your ballot.

“The Truth Lives Here”

Op-ed by James Turnage


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