So What if Grenell is Unqualified for the Nomination? Trump and his entire Cabinet are Unfit for their Positions: Business as Usual

Trump Cabinet

Trump nominated Richard Grenell for acting director of national intelligence. He is completely unqualified, and Republicans are aware of this fact. This is no surprise to me. From day one Trump nominated nothing but men and two women who were unfit for their posts. You know the list, and you know that Trump makes all decisions; he listens to no one else and that is why they have all been serious mistakes. He was required to fill certain positions. Many others remain unfilled after they were fired, forced to resign, or run like hell to save what little respect and dignity remained.

Trump is a fascist; a wannabe king or other form of autocrat. The most disturbing fact is that this fake Republican Party is allowing him to end democracy in America.  Only one of 53 Republican senators refuses to rubber stamp Trump’s extremely poor decisions. Here’s what one of his stooges; one of the cowards who acquitted the orange child on February 7th had to say about the unqualified Grenell.

“If you’re ambassador for some time in a country like Germany, you have a lot of exposure to intel activities and daily briefings and other things and he’s a very smart, capable guy,” Sen. Roy Blunt (R-Mo.), a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee and GOP leadership, said in a brief interview Thursday. The appropriate word is ‘bullshit.’

Most Republicans refused to comment. Their cowardice is offensive to all real Americans.

The term “like night and day” is trite and overused. However, it is appropriate when comparing the administration of a great President, Barrack Obama, and whatever this is in Washington today. President Obama had the most qualified and brilliant men and women working in his administration in modern history. Trump has millionaires and billionaires who are racist scum and in most cases oppose the departments they head.

This is your illegitimate president, and this is by far not his worst action in more than three years. Every day he defiles the White House embarrasses me.

“The Truth Lives Here”

Op-ed by James Turnage


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