An Internal Revolution Has Begun; Honest Men are Reacting to Trump’s Vicious and Unfounded Attacks


Donald Trump’s illegitimate presidency has divided our nation and the condition has reached a level not unlike the period of Civil War in our nation. This narcissistic egomaniac lacks the ability and desire to recognize the fact that someone other than himself has superior knowledge and experience or simply a better idea. Anyone, and I mean anyone, who does not act in accord with the wishes of the fascist defiling the White House can expect a verbal barrage of words in a poorly composed tweet.

After another Constitutional violation by your failed leader, more than 1100 federal judges gathered and agreed that Attorney General William Barr must resign. After Trump ordered Barr to demand a reduction in Roger Stone’s sentence, an internal revolution began.

Personally, I’m thrilled. Someone in our government should have stood up to the schoolyard bully three years ago after 25 of our nation’s most respected psychiatrists wrote a letter questioning Trump’s mental competence. Anyone who makes the mistake of reading his tweets or listening to the gibberish at his rallies must be honest with themselves. If you do not question both his intelligence and his warped thought process you are lying to yourself.

Trump’s presidency is a complete failure, and if allowed to continue he will destroy everything which made America the most respected nation in the world. He and his party are the virus we should all be worried about. Trump has been allowed to be the cancer which cannot be cured, and must be surgically removed. Your vote on November 3rd is the tool we must use and not only remove the core of this cancerous growth, but every infected appendage. This Republican Party in name only has become the enemy of the people. Inaction by an entire major political party has exacerbated the problem and allowed the cancer to grow.

Join me at the polls in November and do the right thing for yourself and those you love.

“The Truth Lives Here”

Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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