Moscow Mitch Created the “Do Nothing Party” and now He’s Lying About his Failure to do his Job

Trump and Moscow Mitch

I’ve learned two things about my right-wing friends who choose to be Trump supporters. First, they want to believe his lies although there is no basis for reality in any of them. Second, they refuse to believe facts; fearing that what they want to believe will be shattered.

This one fact has now been confirmed by the worst senator in America’s history, and it is unforgivable; an act of pure fascism. Moscow Mitch McConnell has refused to allow a vote on 395 bills passed in the House and are gathering dust on his desk. Another failure by an old, white man who should be forced to retire.

“It is true,” the senator said. “They’ve been on full left-wing parade over there, trotting out all of their left-wing solutions that are going to be issues in the fall campaign. They’re right. We’re not going to pass those.”

He is afraid of allowing a vote. If Republicans refused to vote for many of these laws, the voting public would refuse to vote for them. Most of these bills would benefit every American and that would displease the wealthy men who own Republican Representatives and Senators.

Moscow Mitch is the reason Washington is dysfunctional. Thirty years ago, deliberation and compromise allowed our government to function, and served the needs of the many. Today, right-wing extremists like Moscow Mitch refuse to perform the jobs for which they were elected.

Like his fascist leader, Moscow Mitch is lying. Many of these bills involve aid for military families, voting rights, measures to prevent foreign interference in our elections, and other issues which would benefit most Americans. These are reasons why McConnell is now known as “Moscow Mitch.”

It’s impossible for right-wing politicians to tell the truth and still win elections, and Moscow Mitch is fully aware of this fact. The real reason he refuses to allow a vote on 395 bills is desperation. Republicans do not support the issues most important to the American people. If these bills were passed, Democrats would retake control of the senate with ease. Moscow Mitch will do anything to help his party win elections on November 3rd.

We, the people, must not allow this to happen. Republicans are not your friends. They oppose democracy. The American people have spoken, and the right-wing is not listening. Issues strongly supported by the majority are ignored by Moscow Mitch and his minions. Although I, and millions of other American voters believe that every American should have the best healthcare available, the right to receive free or low-cost education, a fair and livable wage, be able to marry the person they love without persecution, and guaranteeing complete equality for women in all situations, including their personal mental and physical health, Republican politicians refuse to listen to the majority of our nation’s people.

Sadly, the reason for their failures is a single fact; they are the party of special interests. Trump, Moscow Mitch, Chuck Grassley, Lindsey Graham, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and the others place their failing party ahead of 330 million American people.

The Republican Party cannot exist when the truth is told. The once Grand Old Party has become the enemy of the people. The party of Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Dwight Eisenhower, and Ronald Reagan died many years ago. They are now the “Trump Party;” a group of self-serving fascists who ignore their responsibility to serve the men and women who elected them.

Your vote on November 3rd can save America and the futures of you children and grandchildren. Thank you.

The Truth Lives Here

Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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