A few Real Republicans Are beginning to Attack Trump’s Attacks against the Rule of Law and his Manipulation of the DOJ


It was only a matter of time. Although Republicans in Washington have bowed to their fascist leader, real Republicans across America are slowly beginning to speak out against the egomaniacal narcissist who pretends to be the President of the United States.

Let me explain; no man or woman can claim to be our nation’s president if he or she does not serve all 330 million Americans. If the man or woman who claims to be the leader of our nation ignores those who do not support his vile agenda, ignores their needs and wishes, he or she is a fraud; a charlatan.

Although Trump lied about the facts, he ordered fake Attorney General William Barr to reduce Trump’s ally and puppet, Roger Stone’s, sentence after being convicted of seven counts of criminal violation. The maximum sentence could have been in excess of 30 years in a federal prison, but the DOJ attorneys agreed to settle for 7-9 years. This was excessive according to the current criminal-in-chief. Barr abused his powers and interfered with the judgment. In protest, all four attorneys involved in the prosecution resigned.

Rick Wilson, an author, analyst and long-time Republican operative, argued on Twitter that the president had co-opted the Justice Department to serve his own personal interests. “No, everything is fine,” he wrote. “Don’t worry, it’s just the Department of Justice is being run as the Trump family law firm.”

When 52 Republican senators capitulated to Trump’s orders and acquitted the most guilty man in American history, they gave Trump a guarantee that he is above the Law of the Land; the Constitution. He immediately took advantage by firing witnesses who testified at his impeachment, and is now interfering in legal actions against his paid liars and the operatives whose actions were designed to protect his life of crime.

Trump should be impeached again. Barr should be impeached. Moscow Mitch must be voted out of office. America must survive the debacle of Trump’s illegitimate presidency.

Recovery may require a decade or more. Trump, Moscow Mitch, and others are guilty of nearly irreparable damage to our nation. The Constitution has been challenged and is in danger of destruction by the right-wing.

If you love your country and care about the future of yourself and those you love, it’s time to take your country back. This once respected nation belongs to you, not to a party who supports the end of democracy and the beginning of a fascist regime not dissimilar to 1930’s Germany.

If you believe or pretend to believe that I am exaggerating the current situation in America you obviously learn everything you know from the men and women on television who use their medium to lie and protect the worst president in America’s history. I will never lie or fabricate reality by creating “alternative facts.” I am the source for what is happening in America today.

No one loves his country, and more importantly his fellow Americans more than me. I am frightened that the right-wing is right; that the American people are ignorant, literally stupid, and refuse to learn and accept the truth.

We, the American people; the voting public; can save the nation of our founding fathers. Our votes on November 3rd can defeat the enemy which has become today’s Republican Party in name only.

The truth is that if Abraham Lincoln was alive today, his written beliefs would place him in today’s Democratic Party. His doctrine opposes the fact that today’s fake Republicans ignore the needs and hopes of the majority, and support special interests.

I ask every American to take a look at the truth; the facts; and reject an entire party which is dedicated to personal ambitions and continue to ignore the men and women who elected them.

The Truth Lives Here

Op-ed by James Turnage


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