Growing Threat of Domestic Terrorism and how one Party Supports White Supremacists and Pro-Life Radicals


I am a lover of quotes, satire, and old axioms. Most “old sayings” are axioms and most axioms are based on truth. One of my very favorite, and one I believe to be extremely accurate is, “if you are not a part of the solution, you are part of the problem.” This perfectly fits today’s Republican Party in name only.

Those of us who follow politics closely and for long periods of time are aware of many facts about our government which should be common knowledge, especially during election years.

When I was much younger my grandfather, and my uncles, claimed that there was virtually no difference between Democrats and Republicans. Looking back as an Independent I believe that was an accurate appraisal of politics in the 1950’s and into the 1960’s. However, in 2020 the two parties are more like opposite poles of a magnet.

Their one commonality over the last two decades is that both parties moved farther to the right. Democrats have forgotten that liberal, or progressive ideas serve the majority of Americans, especially the working class. Republicans and their party moved so far to the right they ignore the needs and wishes of the majority while serving special interests. The GOP has become the party of extremism.

Before Trump was impeached, I vacillated about whether or not it was the right or logical thing to do. First, I didn’t have all of the information. Unlike your illegitimate president I choose not to make rash decisions. Second, knowing that Moscow Mitch would not allow his minions in the senate to convict Trump, regardless of the facts and how damning they might have been, it would be a waste of time. However, now that the process has been completed, I know I was wrong about the latter.

Not only was Trump exposed, the Trump Party’s true self has been revealed to America and the world.

Democrats proved that the rule of law, in this situation the Constitution, is applicable to every man and woman in America, including the president. Republicans offered their beliefs that their illegitimate president is above the law and by this choice crowned him as our nation’s first monarch. Our founding fathers would be shocked, terrified, and ashamed. Two of the prime intentions of the Constitution were to forever prevent the establishment of one religion and never to allow any man to have the power to rule over the American people with absolute power.

Over the last three decades the once Grand Old Party has moved away from the Party of Lincoln. Racism, religious bigotry, and misogyny are on their list of party ideals. Trump is their leader; their demagogue.

Therefore, it’s no surprise that Moscow Mitch and his hypocrites deny America’s biggest safety threat; white, domestic terrorism.

Every American is aware of growing numbers of mass shootings by domestic terrorists. However, white terrorists also continue to harass women who choose to seek legal abortions. Verbal assaults and threats of violence are commonplace.

Christopher Wray, Trump’s choice to head the FBI, recently made a choice to re-label those who call themselves pro-choice and pro-life into one ambiguous title: “abortion violent extremism.”

This is an effort to protect the real extremists whose religious beliefs have been allowed precedence over a woman’s right to choose how to best care for her mental and physical health. It also links together one side of the issue which performed multiple acts of physical violence, with the other side which has never been charged with a physical assault by anyone involved in the issue.

For far too long women have been ignored by the right-wing. Their rights continue to be under attack from the old white men in congress. They deserve the respect and same rights men receive and should not be forced to ask for them.

When old sexists like DJT openly display their beliefs that women are intended to be subservient to men, equal rights issues are pushed back to the darker times in America’s history.

The right-wing is seeking revenge today. Trump and the Trump Party were defeated by a strong woman in the House. Their verbal assaults are relentless. They are equally angry at the one, true Republican in Washington because he had the courage to follow his Constitutional duty and do the right thing; the only one of 53 Republican senators to display a modicum of courage.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi has received threats of violence and even death because she performed the job for which she was elected, unlike Moscow Mitch. Originally Ms. Pelosi was reluctant to begin the impeachment process. Eventually Trump left her no choice; the Constitution demanded action.

Election day is coming soon. Do not vote for a party, vote for the best candidates who most closely share your views on the issues.

The Truth Lives Here

Op-ed by James Turnage


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