State of the Union; another Trump Con Game


As I predicted, Trump’s State of the Union address to the nation was another con game. As usual, he bragged about accomplishments which were not his. The economy, the unemployment numbers, and even the stock market are the result of policies and efforts of President Obama’s administration begun long before the 2016 election. How could Trump have done anything other than play golf, party at Mar-a-Lago, hold hate rallies, and watch Fox Noise? For example, his entire schedule on February 3rd was lunch with his personal puppet, homophobe Mike Pence.

The most disgusting moment of an event filled with lies and misdirection was an homage to the NRA. Trump spoke of defending the second amendment while he continues to seek a repeal of the first. During his support of the billionaire gun manufacturers and gun sellers, a parent of a Parkland high school was dragged from the Capitol. Politicians who support gun violence in America must be forced to retire.

I admit that I couldn’t watch the whole farce. My mind began to wander to the State of the Union speeches given by an intelligent and eloquent President Barrack Obama whose words were encouraging and offered hope for the future of our nation. This fake president now defiling the White House is an embarrassment to his 44 predecessors, and to 330 million American people.

I cannot stress enough how important it is that every eligible voter goes to the polls on November 3rd. The future of our nation will be decided on a single day. This is not an exaggeration; this is a fact. Every man and woman who calls themselves a Republican has allowed fascism to replace democracy in America. The impeachment trial in the senate was a sham. The Constitution was spit upon by 51 GOP senators.

Your future is in your hands.

“The Truth Lives Here”

Op-ed by James Turnage

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