Issues which make no Sense in American Politics

Women's March on DC 1-21-17

Gun law reform; abortion; same-sex marriage; free or affordable education; universal healthcare; voting rights; religious freedom; the equality of women in America; all these have become political issues but should not be.

The Constitution, as signed in 1789, is and should be considered the most sacred document in the history of the free world. Contained in the Law of the Land are the principles and ideals of our founding fathers. The overall themes are equality and freedom. For several decades certain groups have attempted to subvert these rights in an effort to place their personal interests ahead of such basic principles.

The NRA is a lobby for gun manufacturers and gun sellers. These billionaires don’t care about the second amendment, gun safety, or gun rights; they care about profits. Mass shootings, committed by domestic, white terrorists have become the greatest danger to the American people. The Republican Party continues to protect the “rights” of 10 percent of Americans and ignore the majority. This should not be a political issue. The rights of the many always take precedence over the wishes of the few.

The most egregious violation of the intent of the Constitution is the prevention of women to have complete control over their own physical and mental health. Abortion is a personal issue and to make it a political issue is a direct violation of their personal rights and freedom. Republicans allow the Christian Religious Right to interfere in the workings of our government. This is a violation of the Constitution. The first amendment forbids a single religion to become our nation’s only religion. Without the involvement of the CRR abortion would have remained a very difficult personal decision; not one controlled by old, white men.

Homophobia is bigotry. The LGBTQ community has one wish; to live their lives as they choose without government interference. Marriage is a choice and two people in love should be allowed to enjoy its privileges without attacks from homophobic men and women. This, too, is another issue opposed by the CRR. It makes no sense to oppose same-sex marriage. Sadly, logic is not included in the discussion by fake Christians who choose to embrace homophobia.

Education is not only a personal issue, it is an economic issue. The cost of attending our colleges and universities has become prohibitive for more than one-half of our nation’s young men and women. Every year we lose some of our greatest minds; men and women who would enhance our nation’s economy; because they cannot afford tuition, books, and lodging. This must change and all politicians should be involved in the creation of a plan to make higher education free or affordable for all who men and women who want it.

Healthcare for all Americans should be a right, not a privilege. America has the greatest medical care in the world, but only if you are wealthy. This is un-American. Opposing universal healthcare is opposing equal rights for all Americans. The fact that the United States is the only developed nation without healthcare for all is unforgivable. The only discussion should be a plan which develops a reasonable way to fund it. This would include fair taxation.

Republican politicians continue to ‘suppress voter registration.’ If they were real Americans, they would encourage every eligible voter to go to the polls and exercise their most important right. So, why do they want a lower voter turnout? The answer is the truth, and Republicans don’t like it. In nearly every election in modern history a large turnout results in Democratic victories. For Republicans, their party is more important than their country.

Sorry to inform millions of woefully uninformed Americans but the United States is not a Christian nation. With very few exceptions, our founding fathers were not Christians; they were Deists. The primary reason they left England for the New World was to escape the command from King George III that the Anglican church would be the only religion in his country. The first amendment guarantees the freedom and right of all Americans to practice the religion of their choice or none at all. Religion should be a personal and private choice, not a political issue.

This last issue exists because the American male has chosen not to evolve. Equal rights for women in every aspect of our society should be a “no brainer.” The right-wing continues to wage a war against women; refusing to vote for any issue which would guarantee complete equality. The 2018 election revealed a single fact; women are no longer asking for equality; they are taking their Constitutional rights. More women registered to vote and more women ran for public office than men. Add to this the fact that more women are currently registered at our colleges and universities than men and you will understand why women will soon control America’s future.

These issues and more should be in our past. We need leaders who will move us forward, not backwards. Think about this on November 3rd when you go to the polls.

“The Truth Lives Here”

Op-ed by James Turnage

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