Cowardly Republicans Saved Trump’s Humongous Derriere, but Will He Return the Favor During the State of the Union?


Trump’s trial in the senate will end on Wednesday after the full senate votes whether or not to acquit him. Of course, the results are already confirmed. The cowards and traitors who call themselves Republicans will refuse to do the right thing and remove him from the White House. Hiding the truth is an admission of guilt, and refusing to allow witnesses is an obvious attempt to hide the facts.

Tuesday Trump will address the American people, congress, the Supreme Court and others at the State of the Union address. Of course, I won’t be watching the show. Trump’s lips will be moving so he will be lying. I don’t listen to anyone I know is feeding me bullshit.

Republicans are not looking forward to the event. They know that Trump’s ego will not allow him to refrain from mentioning his “victory” and that  he will remain in office; for now. They are begging him not to mention the proceedings for fear of the truth being revealed to all American voters. Every time Trump refuses to stay on message and read the teleprompters, he finds a way to admit his guilt.

The question is, ‘will he comply with their request?’ My suspicion is no. For Donny Boy loyalty is a one-way street. He cares only for himself and because Republicans ignore this fact, he will bring down his entire party.

Senator Joni Ernst of Iowa was asked if Trump should mention the impeachment process; she said, “I don’t.”

Other Republican senators joined in Ernst’s What are you, crazy? reaction, according to CNN’s Manu Raju. “If I was writing his speech, I wouldn’t include it,” responded Senator Kevin Cramer of North Dakota. Senator Bill Cassidy of Louisiana also counseled against it: “Personally, I’d advise him not to.” Nothing screams guilty conscience like trying to hide your paw prints at the scene of the crime.

Here’s a fact which I dare anyone to refute. Not a single Republican would ever win an election if the truth about their lives and voting records were revealed. Hiding the truth and telling lies are the only tactics which work for them.

Here are names of Republicans who would lose their reelection bids this year if voters knew the full truth about their crimes against the American people: Donald John Trump, Lindsey Graham, Moscow Mitch McConnell, Jim Jordan, and Devin Nunes. There are dozens more.

“The Truth Lives Here”

Op-ed by James Turnage


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