I Could never Say too many bad Things about Sean Hannity


If you watch Sean Hannity’s pitiful fake news show I almost feel sorry for you. This means you enjoy being lied to by a man who has more lip imprints on Trump’s humongous derriere than anyone else in the world.

I once had the misfortune of meeting Fox Noise’ favorite stooge. He was a small man, in more ways than one. His arrogance was revolting, and to call him rude is an understatement. I was forced to spend a few minutes with this man who obviously had a Napoleonic complex.

It was inevitable that he would lie for Trump during the current impeachment trial, which has become nothing but a “Moscow Mitch very bad reality show.” Without testimony from witnesses who have firsthand knowledge of the events, it will end as one of the biggest farces to ever happen in Washington.

Senator and former presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, is leading a small Republican effort to include live testimony in the process. So, what happened? Just what you would expect. Hannity attacked the one Republican senator who is attempting to do the right thing.

Trump’s guilt is obvious as proven by a weak defense team strategy, and the fact that they are so frightened that John Bolton and Lev Parnas might testify. Innocent people never have to hide from the truth.

“All I see, with all due respect Mitt Romney, is your personal hatred for Donald Trump,” Hannity raged, noting that the Senate should not do what the House failed to do — hear from Bolton and others.

Let’s remember that Trump obstructed justice multiple times by refusing to allow numerous witnesses to testify during the impeachment process. On each occasion he committed a crime worthy of impeachment.

The truth is that Trump has violated the Constitution so frequently he could be impeached more than a dozen times.

I am sad to say that I believe Moscow Mitch will succeed in acquitting his fuhrer. Since 2001 Republicans have refused to do the right thing and place their country ahead of personal ambitions. They have become the enemy of America’s people.

I ask; no, I beg all of you to vote on November 3rd; this is your country, not theirs.

“The Truth Lives Here”

Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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