Mike Pompeo and William Barr make me miss Rex Tillerson and Jeffrey Beauregard Sessions


The truth is that after Trump’s election he began to make the worst choices in history for his cabinet and close advisers. Not a single man or the two women he nominated were qualified for their positions. In less than three years many of them are no longer members of Trump’s administration, and they are not missed. Some were fired and others chose or were forced to resign after allegations of improprieties and illegal actions.

Trump’s first three choices; Steve Bannon, Jeffrey Beauregard Sessions, and Reince Priebus are gone and considered “good riddance.” Others soon followed. Those who remain are nothing but “yes” men and women who are tools of a wannabe autocrat. His decisions are unilateral; his advisers are merely for show.

From day one Rex Tillerson was a questionable choice for Secretary of State. Without any State Department experience, or government at any level of government, he was given a position which is in fact the ‘top diplomat’ in America. The previous two who held that position were very experienced; John Kerry, and Hillary Clinton.

Tillerson was the CEO of Exxon/Mobile Oil. His only qualification was that he was a close friend and business associate of Vladimir Putin.

Forced to resign, his replacement has proven to be an even worse choice; Mike Pompeo. His failures to negotiate with the leaders of North Korea and Iran speak volumes. He has proven to be an arrogant and often belligerent man without any ability to use diplomacy as a first option.

Pompeo has been criticized for the decline of morale in the State Department and is being labeled as the “worst Secretary of State since 1898, when the department was responsible for our country becoming a “nation of prominence.” More than 30 percent of his top diplomats have resigned since he replaced Tillerson.

The only accomplishment Pompeo can claim is as a personal liar for the orange man-child in the White House.

William Barr is far worse than Sessions and the worst choice for his position in American history. Barr’s only job as our nation’s Attorney General is to enforce and protect the laws established by congress. However, Barr has decided that his only responsibility is to protect the illegitimate presidency of one Donald John Trump. He is acting as DJT’s personal attorney and ignoring the duties and importance of his position.

Sessions never should have been confirmed by Moscow Mitch’s Senate. His history of extreme racism excluded him from receiving such a crucial position in our nation’s government. However, Barr is the man who redacted pages of the Mueller Report, and lied in a summary about its contents. He is totally unfit to hold office in an American government. Barr is a disgrace to every Attorney General who preceded him.

Trump’s administration is not only the least qualified in history, it is the most corrupt. Without lies and misdirection, Trump’s illegitimate presidency would not be a reality.

Every morning I wake up asking, “what the hell happened to my country?”

“The Truth Lives Here”

Op-ed by James Turnage



Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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