Moscow Mitch and his Fake Republicans Converted the Impeachment Trial into an Attack on the Constitution

Lincoln (2)

If the American people would put down their i-phones and read Article One of the Constitution, they would learn the ultimate truth about how Republicans are making a mockery of Trump’s impeachment trial. Their lack of honesty and solemnity for this sad and historical event are in fact attacks on our Constitution.

Our founding fathers added a guarantee in the Constitution in 1787 which prevents our nation from becoming a monarchy. The Legislative branch was given the power to impeach a sitting president, vice-president and certain federal judges for the commission of ‘high crimes and misdemeanors.’ The intention was obvious; congress has slightly greater powers than the Executive or Judicial branches which, if followed, would prevent the actions of Donald John Trump.

Sadly, Moscow Mitch has surrendered this power to Trump and his circle of sinners. By not allowing new evidence or witnesses, he is “rigging” this trial in favor of Trump. This is a direct violation of the Constitution. This ‘sham’ is less about Trump’s many crimes than it is about defending the Constitution. While Democrats are attempting to do the right thing and obey the law, Moscow Mitch and his hypocritical party are attempting to save their illegitimate president while literally ‘spitting’ on our nation’s most sacred document; the document which defends and defines every law in our nation.

Make no mistake; these Republicans in name only are fully aware that Trump is guilty of serious crimes and are choosing to protect him and violate their oaths to “preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States of America.” This fake trial proves that all who call themselves ‘Republicans’ are unworthy of the office they hold.

Finally, Trump’s violations are the most egregious in history. Richard Nixon loved his country and resigned before the impeachment process could be completed. Trump is not an American and his arrogance and enormous ego will prevent him from doing what is right for his country and the American people. It is pure hypocrisy to allow this amoral man to wear the previously respected label of “President of the United States of America.” Our country has had some horrible presidents in the past, but none like the imposter who occasionally sits behind the desk in the Oval Office.

“The Truth Lives Here”

Op-ed by James Turnage


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