Why are these former Paid Liars Surprised They can’t find Jobs?


If you still believe that Fox is a legitimate “news agency” you literally “need to have your head examined.” Fox is nothing but a right-wing propaganda machine. If you choose to work for Fox all your credibility is lost; and lost forever. This fact is proven by several Fox personalities including Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, Jeanine Pero, and Laura Ingraham.

So, why are several women who worked for Fox surprised that they appear unemployable?

Rudi Bakhtiar, Juliet Huddy, Julie Roginsky, and Tamara Holder were all forced from Fox after charging Fox executives with sexual harassment and sexual assault.

Bakhtiar once had a time slot on CNN. She was lured away by Roger Ailes. Now she is upset that she has not received a single offer of employment.

Let’s be perfectly clear. I believe that sexual harassment and sexual assault are crimes which receive punishment which is far too lenient. Sexism is on a par with racism in America and both have been serious problems throughout our nation’s existence. That said, these women were blinded by money and ignored the lies they were paid to tell and likely the sexual overtones in their office. No one wants to hire anyone who was known for offering bigoted and prejudicial views to their audience. Real journalists, of which there are few today, do not offer opinions; they simply state facts.

This story is a prime example why I have not watched broadcast “news” since November 8, 2016. After watching and listening to blatant lies and false attacks by Trump, Pence, Kellyanne Conway, and others for a year-and-a-half without rebuttal from television “journalists” to protect the truth, I made a promise to myself. I refuse to allow lies to influence my beliefs and decisions and lies of omission are the most damaging of all.

Unlike the vast majority of American voters, I read. I know where candidates stand on the issues and I am aware of lies offered by every politician. Sadly, this frequently makes me angry; so angry that although I am a liberal Independent, I have not been able to vote for a Republican since 1988. This is not the GOP I once respected and admired. This group is filled with opportunists. The only views they have on the issues important to me and most Americans have been paid for by lobbyists and generally oppose those of the majority.

Therefore, I do not have pity for these women. Lies from Fox personalities have divided our nation to such a degree, healing may not begin for an entire generation. These women helped Fox create this destructive situation.

“The Truth Lives Here”

Op-ed by James Turnage


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