Who is Steve Mnuchin? Just another Paid Liar; a totally Unqualified Member of the Worst Cabinet in History


Secretary of the Treasury, Steve Mnuchin, is another billionaire. He made his fortune by foreclosing on more homes during the Great Recession than any other Wall Street Banker. When Americans were suffering, he found an opportunity to become extremely wealthy.

Most importantly, Mnuchin agrees with Trump; he is a climate change denier; a member of only five percent of the world’s people who refuse to recognize scientific facts.

So, it was no surprise that the degenerate banker attacked Swedish activist Greta Thunberg when she spoke at the World Economic Summit in Davos. In the past Ms. Thunberg criticized world leaders for ignoring the fact that her generation will suffer greatly from the effects of climate change, and they refuse to become serious about this escalating and deadly problem. The old, mostly white men who rule the world will be dead when the worst happens, why should they care?

Mnuchin apparently thought he was being clever; he simply sounded like another boring white accountant.

“Is she the chief economist or who is she? I’m confused,” Mnuchin said, before adding this was “a joke. That was funny.”

“After she goes and studies economics in college she can come back and explain that to us,” Mnuchin said.

Ms. Thunberg countered with grace and intelligence.

“My gap year ends in August, but it doesn’t take a college degree in economics to realize that our remaining 1,5° carbon budget and ongoing fossil fuel subsidies and investments don’t add up,” the 17-year-old said via Twitter.

“So, either you tell us how to achieve this mitigation or explain to future generations and those already affected by the climate emergency why we should abandon our climate commitments,” she added.

How much do Republicans hate facts? Nothing frightens them more than the truth.

Let’s be totally honest here; old white men have harmed our nation and the world for generations. Their concern for profits far outweighs their concern for humanity and future generations. Humans who have an excess of testosterone are guilty for causing wars which can never be won. Everyone loses when a military conflict begins, is in progress, and when it ends. The United States is the most warlike nation in history. America has suffered four devastating losses in Korea, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan; the latter a war that will never end.

When I read that a man who worships unfettered capitalism above humanity criticizes an intelligent woman of any age, I am ashamed of my own sex. In 2018 women demonstrated that they are no longer asking for equality; they are taking it. The midterm elections were historical, and I’m hoping they will be even more so in 2020. America; the world needs real change and it will never come from old men.

“The Truth Lives Here”

Op-ed by James Turnage


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