Republicans Can’t Handle the Truth


Here are a couple of ludicrous rules Republicans want in place during Trump’s sham impeachment trial.

“No new evidence.” In a court of law where trials are required to be fair, new information which arises after the trial begins is called “discovery,” and is almost always allowed by the judge.

“No witnesses.” It is impossible to have a fair trial unless the jurors, in this case 100 United States Senators, hear testimony from individuals who were present or have first-hand knowledge of the issues in question.

What are Republicans afraid of? The answer is ‘the truth.’ No one fights to hide facts unless they are damaging to their side of the argument. Can you imagine a judge refusing to allow an officer of the law to testify although he or she caught the defendant in the act of committing a crime? Asinine.

Yesterday Representative Jerry Nadler called Republican’s efforts to cover-up the facts a ‘cover-up,’ and fake Republicans screamed in fake outrage.

“It was so insulting and outrageous it was a shock to all of us,” Sen. John Cornyn huffed to CNN producer Ali Zaslav.

”They’re on a crusade to destroy this man, and they don’t care what they destroyed in the process of trying to destroy Donald Trump… I’m covering up nothing. I’m expose your hatred of this president, to the point that you would destroy the institution,” Sen. Lindsey Graham ranted.

Others chimed in as well; knowing full well that they are indeed attempting to hide the truth from the American people.

We know today’s Republican Party in name only. Prior to Trump’s illegitimate election, these hypocrites hid who they really are. They are the party of racism, a party which depends on lies to con the voting public into casting their ballots for an unfit candidate, and the party which continues to wage wars against the working class and women.

I demand that right-wing politicians change the name of their party. This group is indeed the ‘Trump Party.’ They have no principles or morals proven by the fact that they obey every order from the White House and deny the American people support for their needs and wishes; the reason for which they were elected.

I don’t like polls, but it must be noted that every current poll which asks questions about the actions of Trump and the Trump Party is opposed to their positions on the important issues facing our nation’s future.

Republicans oppose universal healthcare, free education, same sex marriage, reforming our gun laws, the equal rights amendment, and sensible immigration reform, among others. The right-wing pretends that income inequality is not a serious problem, or that this growing situation will end America’s current form of government. The right-wing opposes the first amendment including our right to vote. Voter suppression has become the norm for every member of the Trump Party. Their support of the Christian Religious right is another first amendment violation; a bigoted position which denies the validity of more than 100 million Americans who either belong to other religions or choose none at all. (I am one of 80 million Americans who denounces all organized religion.)

If you vote for a Republican; now colloquially called a “Trumpster;” you are voting against yourself, your loved ones, and the Constitution of the United States of America. You are not an American.

“The Truth Lives Here”

Op-ed by James Turnage


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