Will Trump’s Incompetent Legal Team be Allowed to Spit on the Constitution at his Trial in the Senate?

Trump and Moscow Mitch

If our founding fathers had not written and signed the Constitution of the United States of America, we would be a lawless nation. Denying any part of the Constitution is an attack on the entire document.

No man or woman is above the law, and that includes the public servant we call ‘President of the United States of America.’ In a display of great wisdom our founding fathers created a system of ‘checks and balances;’ three separate but equal branches of government. Three words define our government and must be held sacred as long as the nation of our founding fathers exists; “separate but equal.”

The meaning of these three words is profound. Each branch has certain powers and certain responsibilities. The executive branch appears to most as the most powerful branch of our government; this is fallacious.

The biggest concern of our founding fathers was to ensure that America would never have a king; an autocrat; in control of the new nation. No one would be above the law.  Therefore, they gave congress, the legislative branch, slightly more power than the executive branch. Included in its powers was a requirement to impeachment a sitting president if he or she abuses his or her powers, or committs a Constitutional violation. If you haven’t read articles one and two, I suggest you do so to understand the solemnity of the trial of Donald John Trump which begins in the senate today. What frightens me the most is how Moscow Mitch McConnell is attempting to make a sham out of this sad and historic event. The Senate Majority Leader is required to write the format for the trial, and Moscow Mitch is making every effort to ensure that Trump remains in office.

My second concern is the effort of Trump’s pitiful defense team to minimize the seriousness of Trump’s violations. The evidence and testimony during the impeachment process was overwhelming and if Trump receives a fair trial, he will be removed from office at the end. Regardless of the facts, Trump’s stooges are attempting a ridiculous and unsubstantiated defense for the guiltiest  president to ever face impeachment.

Trump’s attorneys are using an argument to suspend the trial based on the fact that “America is a ‘superpower.’”

Somehow, this disparity of size is supposed to mean that there’s nothing that Ukraine has that Trump would want. He can’t be guilty of extorting Ukraine because its leaders don’t have “vast treasures at their disposal” to “actually buy off the Chief Executive.” Really? I can’t make this shit up.

The truth is that although there have been thousands of pages of recorded testimony, and a phone call by Trump himself which offers proof of guilt, nothing matters unless  Trump has violated the Constitution.

The Constitution requires impeachment if the president, vice-president or certain federal judges have committed “treason, bribery and high crimes and misdemeanors.”

When Trump withheld $391 million from Ukraine to gain political advantage over his 2020 opponent, although the funds had already been approved for the emerging nation, he abused his power and committed a “high crime.” The president is forbidden to alter or dismiss actions completed by congress.

Let’s not forget that Trump has committed at least 12 actions of attempting to obstruct justice, including refusing to allow witnesses with pertinent information to testify during the impeachment hearings. For Trump, hiding facts is paramount to his survival. He has not faced impeachment charges for these ‘high crimes;’ yet.

If Moscow Mitch succeeds with Republicans acquitting the guilty, Trump can be impeached once again. Investigations have already begun, and part of the information is related to his finances. Protecting his financial information has been Trump’s number one priority since day one. Once again, if he has nothing to hide, why not reveal this information to the American people?

Unless there is a big change, Moscow Mitch will prevent witnesses, making this trial a farce. Hiding the truth is the only tactic available to Trump’s defense team. No Republican can survive if the truth rises to the light of day.

“The Truth Lives Here”

Op-ed by James Turnage



Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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