Trump Spreads the Same old Lie the NRA and Republicans have been Telling for Years


“The Democrat Party in the Great Commonwealth of Virginia are working hard to take away your 2nd Amendment rights. This is just the beginning. Don’t let it happen, VOTE REPUBLICAN in 2020!” Trump tweeted on Monday.

Of course, not a word of this is true. Republicans and the NRA have been saying the same thing for decades. The truth is that I am one of millions of Americans who demand that our gun laws become sensible. The 90 percent of Americans who do not own guns have a right to feel safe attending a concert, dinner at a restaurant, shopping at a mall, attend services at a mosque, synagogue, a church, or anywhere else normal people go as they live their lives.

Trump, the Trump Party, and the gun lobby which continues to use the name “NRA,” care about the profits of gun manufacturers and gun sellers while ignoring the rights of hundreds of millions of Americans who believe their safety should be the priority.

Unlike my right-wing friends I support the entire Constitution. I do not choose the parts I like and abandon the remainder. I believe that the second amendment is important. However, it is vague and the reasons for its inclusion in the Bill of Rights was more of an effort to appease southern states and southern members of the Constitutional Convention.

That said, we can no longer allow the “gun nuts,” who compose 10 percent of our nation’s population, to control our government. The NRA donates hundreds of millions of dollars to Republican candidates every election year.

Changes that are necessary would not infringe on anyone’s second amendment rights. Let’s begin with the obvious.

No one needs or should be allowed to possess military assault rifles or high-output magazines. These weapons of mass destruction were manufactured for use by the military to allow our soldiers to kill as many of the enemy as quickly as possible.

By allowing deranged, white, domestic terrorists to purchase these killing machines, dozens of Americans can be slaughtered in just seconds while going about their daily lives. Without the aid of military weapons 58 men and women would not have lost their lives at a concert in Las Vegas in 2017. The next month 26 men, women, and children were murdered by a lone gunman who walked into a small church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, who was armed with a military assault rifle.

In 2018, on Valentines Day, another lone gunman slaughtered 17 students and teachers at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland Florida with the use of an assault rifle.

Last year a lone gunman walked into a mall in El Paso, Texas, armed with a military assault rifle and killed 22 shoppers; wounding 24 more.

The list goes on and on, but these all happened under Trump’s watch. Republicans continue to offer their “thoughts and prayers,” and nothing else.

Secondly, comprehensive background checks must be conducted for all gun sales, including gun shows, and online purchases. The truth is that like military assault rifles, handguns have a single purpose; to kill other human beings.

I want to add one more law, which shouldn’t be necessary but it is. Every year more than 200 small children are involved in incidents related to guns. Any child who accesses a loaded weapon in a home or vehicle, and harms or kills his or herself or someone else must not be held accountable. However, the owner of that weapon must be charged with nothing less than criminal neglect which caused the harm of another, or in the case of death, manslaughter in the first degree.

I should have equal rights to the gun nuts. I shouldn’t be forced to encounter an angry man or woman and be afraid to stand up for myself or my family fearing that that individual was in possession of a loaded weapon. I should not be afraid to go to a movie and fear for my life. My grandchildren certainly should not be murdered attending elementary school.

Trump is full of s**t. Vote Democratic on November 3rd. We are intelligent and logical and choose not to live in a nation controlled by anger, hatred, or one which is constantly in fear of violence.

“The Truth Lives Here”

Op-ed by James Turnage


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