If Trump Continues his Efforts to Attack Iran Militarily, He will Lose the 2020 Election in a Landslide


Everyone with average intelligence is aware that waging a war in the Middle East is unwinnable without the use of nuclear weapons, and that would mean the end of mankind. America is still losing in its longest war after invading Afghanistan in 2001. After losing thousands of lives and trillions of dollars in Iraq, we slipped away in the dark after another failed war in the Middle East. Now Trump’s hasty and unilateral decision to assassinate one Iran’s leaders has placed America in the very real possibility of facing another defeat thousands of miles from our shores.

An enormous majority of all Americans are opposed to military action with Iran. On this day, January 16, 2020, “CIVIQS” is reporting that 76 percent of those surveyed are against another war in the region. Only nine percent believe that another war is a good idea, and somehow 14 percent are undecided. Really?

Here are some other statistics from the recent poll.

“53% of Americans disapprove of Trump’s job performance as president.

“Only 35% trust Trump and his administration to make good foreign policy decisions.

“Trump would lose the election to a generic Democratic candidate if the presidential election were held today (48-44%).”

I know what you’re thinking; polls are often very deceiving. The 2016 election proved this allegation. However, our government prevented us from knowing about Russian intervention, and every poll discounted; ignored the effect of the mainstream media’s support of the orange buffoon.

Here’s one thing I promise you; if Trump is responsible for placing our nation in another unwinnable war, he will lose the election on November 3rd by a landslide.

No American wants another war, but two groups most opposed to a foolhardy conflict happen to be the largest voting groups in our nation. Millennials and women are anti-war by a huge margin.

Fact; old men start wars; young men and women fight wars and lose their lives supporting decisions made by those who will never see a battlefield. I have never known a mother who approves of sending her son or daughter off to war.

One final fact; no war has ever been “won” in the history of the world. Even the country or countries who claim victory face enormous residual effects and huge collateral damage. The deaths of young men and women on a battlefield can never be undone. Buildings and economies can be rebuilt, but it is impossible to replace a son, daughter, mother, or father.

Historically, and personally, I believe that ‘military coupes’ are foolhardy and are the impetus for the end of democracy. However, because Trump’s cowardly party refuses to control their illegitimate president, someone must. There must never be another war in the Middle East.

“The Truth Lives Here”

Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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