Paying Attention to Political Polsters before the Caucuses and Primaries Begin is Nonsense


November 3, 2020 is closer than you think. In less than 11 months the people will elect a new president, and hopefully an American who will respect her or his oath of office. However, to believe any of the polls before the caucuses and primaries begin is pure ignorance.

Let me use myself as an example. I call myself an “Independent Progressive.” Over the last 30 years I added ‘progressive’ for one simple fact. There are no Republicans in Washington today. GOP politicians have moved so far to the right they can no longer claim to be members of the ‘party of Lincoln,’ or Roosevelt, Eisenhower, or Reagan. They no longer serve the American people; they bow to special interests.

I can no longer vote for these Republicans in name only. Although I will vote for whoever receives the Democratic nomination, my preference is very specific, and the polls mean nothing today.

My first choice, a choice I made in 2017, was Kamala Harris. She fit every requirement I have for our nation’s president. She is intelligent, currently a senator, she is progressive, and she would have destroyed Trump in the debates. In addition, she is the perfect age and a woman. Sadly, she ended her campaign about a week ago.

As I suggested, I believe it is time for a woman to lead our nation. The media held Hillary Clinton to an impossibly high standard. The next woman nominated by the Democratic Party must ‘come out swinging,’ and never back down. Any candidate I support must be progressive. Over the last few decades both parties moved to the right. We need real change, and we have serious problems to solve. A middle of the road politician will fail to aggressively address the issues most important to the majority.

The first two Democratic candidates I eliminated are Joe Biden and Pete Buttigieg. They are both good men, and would be a far better president than Trump, but they are more of the status quo. My top choices are Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders. Their position on the issues are closest to my own. I have only one problem with both candidates; Senator Sanders will be 79 on election day, and Senator Warren 71. The average age of all Americans is 38.1 years of age. In every way America is a young nation, and I believe we need younger leaders who are relatable to the majority.

Therefore, my hope is that Elizabeth Warren will win the nomination. Not only do I believe it is time for a woman president, I believe that her thought process is nearer to the interests of most Americans than Bernie Sanders.

If Senator Warren is nominated, she will crush the orange child in the White House. I have no doubt that she will receive 60 percent of the popular vote, and easily capture the 270 votes needed from the unconstitutional Electoral College.

So if you care about the polls, wait until late spring or early summer of 2020 to begin paying attention to them. By that time they may, or may not become relevant.

Op-ed by James Turnage

“The Truth Lives Here”


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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