Was Kamala Harris a Victim of the “Trump Effect?”


In 2008 the biggest obstacle facing Barrack Obama was not his Party, his intelligence, his stand on the issues, or his qualifications; it was the color of his skin. Prior to 2008, 43 white men claimed the title of President of the United States. However, history could not be denied.

In 2016 Trump belittled his female opponent, Hillary Clinton, constantly. On at least one occasion he attacked her for not ‘having a penis,’ with a not so subtle comment, ‘she doesn’t look presidential.’ The media held her to the highest standard possible while giving the old white man a free pass. Sexual bias was just one of the reasons the most qualified candidate in history was denied the presidency.

Senator Kamala Harris has withdrawn from her efforts to become the Democratic nominee in 2020. This is very sad for me. She has been my choice since 2017. Her position on nearly every issue matched my own, and I continue to believe that she is what our nation needs today. She is America.

I failed to face reality. Over the last three years our nation has revealed the fact that America is far more racist and misogynistic than I believed possible. Senator Harris is a woman and a black American. The ‘Trump Effect’ gave her two strikes before anyone had an opportunity to here her speak and get to know who she is.

I continue to believe that she would have crushed Trump in the debates and in the general election. As the Democratic nominee, she would have been the focus of the media, and her popularity would have become unbeatable.

Although I am disappointed, I continue to believe that the remaining candidates are the finest group of patriotic Americans with the greatest qualifications in history. Any of them would stand much taller than Trump. They are intelligent; Trump is not. They are competent; Trump is not. They love their country and its people; Trump does not. They will serve all Americans; Trump does not. They are real patriots; Trump is not.

I feel compelled to make a decision about which candidate will receive my support today and throughout the convention. I continue to believe that a woman president is America’s best choice. We need real change. A progressive is a must if America has any opportunity to regain its global respect and hope to become a great country. Therefore, I am hopeful that Elizabeth Warren will rise above the rest and become the 46th President of the United States of America.

Of course, I will support the Democratic candidate. I cannot accept four more years of Putin’s fascist tool.

Whoever you support, I ask you to vote on November 3, 2020. A large turnout will guarantee that the people will decide the president and not the unconstitutional Electoral College. Every vote must count.

Thank you, and tell everyone you know about my blog; “the truth lives here;” and it always will. We can save America.

Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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