Donald Trump is the Most Expensive President in History; Where are the Conservatives?


A “no tax and spend president.” This will be another tag given to Trump’s illegitimate presidency. Less than three full years in office, and this failures have already added a trillion dollars to the deficit, bringing the total to 23 trillion dollars.

Most of this is the result of two tax cuts for the super-rich, and a foolhardy reduction in corporate taxes. Trump’s personal spending on trips to Mar-a-Lago and his golf resorts, and his hate rallies held across the United States add more to the growing deficit. Each hour Air Force One is in operation costs taxpayers $200,000; that’s just the beginning.

Where are the conservatives? For years I claimed that there are no true conservatives in the Republican Party, and they have proven me right. Trump has been allowed to do anything he wants, and he has. He is living a billionaire’s life at taxpayer expense.

Don’t get me started on his lack of accomplishments. He brags about issues which were begun under President Obama’s administration. He has been too busy golfing and partying to do anything for the American people. Not a single campaign promise has been kept in three years. And for most of them, I am grateful.

I have one question; it’s a two-parter. Is the right-wing totally stupid or are they choosing to ignore the truth? Trump is the worst thing to happen to America in 243 years. That’s a fact no human of average intelligence can deny.

Op-ed by James Turnage

“The Truth Lives Here”


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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