Farmers are Going Bankrupt in Record Numbers; It’s Trump’s Fault and his Alone

American Farmer

When President Obama inherited a near depression in 2009, anyone who made less than about one-million dollars a year suffered. This included farmers.

Single family homeowners faced foreclosures, jobs were lost, and farmers for forced to declare bankruptcies.

Today, a report from the U.S. Bankruptcy Court revealed that farm bankruptcies are up 24 percent in 2019; the highest since 2011. This is directly attributable to Trump’s unilateral decision to place tariffs on imports. From the very beginning a trade war began between the world’s two largest economies; the United States and China.

Soybean farmers were hit the hardest; the annual sale of their crops to China was virtually halted. Many were forced to plough their crops back into the soil.

This is the result of Trump’s failed fiscal policies. His other disaster is his misnamed “tax reform.” His gifts to the super-rich and corporations have an extremely negative result. For the first time the national deficit has risen above 23 trillion dollars. I know that’s hard to comprehend, but here is what it looks like. $23,000,000,000,000.

Finally, giving Trump control of the national treasury is like giving a five-year-old control over your family’s finances. And what about the self-acclaimed “conservatives” in the TEA Party and the Freedom Caucus? Because it’s a Republican in name only in the White House they have allowed him to move our nation towards another recession, and to use the national treasury as his personal bank, wasting millions of dollars golfing, and partying at Mar-a-Lago, among other money-wasting travels.

Enough of this bullshit; time for REAL change.

Op-ed by James Turnage


Photo courtesy of Don Graham

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