Republicans are Paying for their Fealty to the Worst Illegitimate President in History


Regardless of how vile and disgusting Trump’s words and actions have become, this Republican Party in name only bows to his failures and attempts to protect him. A part if this fact is based on shared beliefs including racism, misogyny, and homophobia. Most of their fealty to the fascist in the White House is the fact that their party is the priority; not the American people.

When George W. Bush was completing his second term in 2008, his party distanced themselves from the man who put his country in two unwinnable wars, and whose failed fiscal policies placed our nation in a near depression.

Today right-wing politicians are desperate. Every day they prove that they are not very intelligent. They refused to learn from the 2018 midterm elections when Democrats crushed their Republican opponents. Control of the House returned to Democrats. With only eight Senate Republicans up for reelection, they continued to hold a slim majority.

Without a Republican dominated House to protect his crimes and Constitutional violations, his actions as America’s criminal-in-chief were exposed. His efforts to obstruct justice became commonplace but no longer hidden from the American people. Today his crimes against America have forced the House to begin impeachment hearings.

Some Republicans have indicated that supporting Trump was a mistake. They are fearful that the most unpopular president in history will have a negative effect on their reelection efforts.

Are they that ignorant? Did they believe that supporting the least qualified, most immoral man in the world was a good idea? Prior to his nomination most of these right-wing politicians denounced the white supremacist. After the convention in July of 2016, they displayed a level of hypocrisy I had not previously witnessed in our nation’s government.

Last evening the fifth game of the World Series was played in Washington D.C. Trump decided to attend the game. He was booed by a part of the crowd and greeted with chants of “lock him up.” Protests are planned for his upcoming visit to Chicago.

“In hushed conversations over the past week, GOP senators lamented that the fast-expanding probe is fraying their party, which remains completely in Trump’s grip.” Apparently, these Republican senators are helpless to do anything about their party remaining completely in Trump’s grip, go figure. But their angst … their angst is oh so real. “It feels like a horror movie,” an anonymous “veteran Republican senator” told the Post reporters.

All I can say is “boo hoo,” and stop your f**king whining. You supported him and ignored the needs and wishes of the majority of the American people and you are unworthy of living a life of luxury and privilege in Washington.

It is critical for the future of America that all Republicans up for reelection be removed from office in November of 2020. If our government is to become a working body again, Moscow Mitch McConnell, Chuck Grassley, Lindsey Graham, and others must receive a clear message from the American people. There must never be another Trumpenstein in the White House.

Op-ed by James Turnage



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