When Law Enforcement Lost our Respect


Most of you are too young to remember the Saturday Evening Post. The covers were legendary, created by American artist Norman Rockwell. I remember many of them including one depicting a uniformed police officer offering an ice cream cone to a little boy who was apparently lost. This painting is far from reality in 2019.

Sometimes I think I read too much. I no longer trust law enforcement. I have read and written about thousands of instances when the men and women who are expected to “protect and serve” American citizens abuse and even murder our country’s people. Sadly, they are rarely punished for their crimes.

The aforementioned image of a friendly policeman offering an ice cream cone to a little boy would be far different today. The cop would be wearing military gear and he would be pointing an assault rifle at a small African American boy.

The entire judicial system must be reformed. From proper training for law enforcement to equal treatment in our courts, everything must be changed. Minorities and the poor are harassed and punished far more severely than white, affluent Americans.

Finally, I ask one question; why are all law enforcement officers issued weapons which are made to kill other humans? It is obvious that many of these poorly trained men and women are too quick to use their lethal weapons, knowing that they will never be punished for their crimes in a proper manner. The courts must stop protecting these criminals. They have given most Americans good reason not to trust or respect all law enforcement in the 21st century.

Op-ed by James Turnage


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