Confirmed; the Christian Religious Right is a Farce because they Support Republicans who Denounce Jesus Christ

Not a single true Christian would support the right-wing. They are liars, deny the teachings of Jesus Christ, and are filled with anger, hatred, and a proclivity for violence. They do not serve the American people.

Let’s look at some facts. Approximately 70 million Americans are atheist, agnostic, or simply deny the validity of organized religion. Younger Americans are less likely to accept the religion of their parents; many choose not to be religious. More older Americans, including yours truly, believe in spirituality but not religion. In 73 years, I have asked too many questions which have not been answered.

The right-wing claims to be Christian. However, they are not. Mike Pence and his party are judgmental, and harbor hatred for minorities, Muslims, the LGBTQ community, and deny the rights of women. Any man or woman who does not believe in the teachings of Jesus Christ cannot claim to be Christian.

For decades the Republican Party has allowed the Christian religious right to control its actions. The truth is that facts prove that the CRR is driving men and women under the age of 50 to become liberals.

“A few weeks ago, the Democratic National Committee formally acknowledged what has been evident for quite some time: Nonreligious voters are a critical part of the party’s base. In a one-page resolution passed at its annual summer meeting, the DNC called on Democratic politicians to recognize and celebrate the contributions of nonreligious Americans, who make up one-third of Democrats.”

The first amendment protects religious freedom. Not only does it guarantee the right of all Americans to practice the religion of their choice, it protects those of us who reject all religion. The truth is that the majority of our founding fathers were deists. They believed that all of creation was created by a supernatural being, but that he or she was probably no longer alive, did not make contact with mankind, and that he or she was not concerned with their daily lives.

For me, that makes more sense than the fairytales in a book written by a man.

Op-ed by James Turnage


Photo courtesy of Sean Davis

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