Trump Adds another Dictator to his List of Close Friends

Want proof that Trump hates democracy and leader of nations who display compassion and understanding towards their citizens? Look at the despots he chooses to admire and even engage in frequent telephone conversations.

His latest “object of desire” is Turkish president/dictator, Recep Tayyip Erdogan. A little history about Erdogan will reveal the extremes this man went to amassing autocratic control over his nation’s people.

Until 2013 Turkey was a democracy. Istanbul has been known as one of the most diverse cities in the world. Duly elected President Erdogan began a process of instituting his personal beliefs in Sharia Law into the daily lives of his nation’s people. Use of alcohol was restricted. Public displays of affection were banned. It was suggested that women abandon ‘western style’ of dress and cover themselves completely, to name just a few.

The anger of Turkey’s people reached a pinnacle on May 28, 2013. Everything began peacefully when the citizens of Istanbul protested the planned destruction and commercial development of the last ‘green’ area in the city; Gezi park.

Protests began inside the park and quickly spread to nearby Taksim Square. Thousands of people filled the area. Erdogan ordered a response with water cannons and eventually tear gas.

The protests spread to other cities and lasted for several days.

In 2015, when Erdogan was out of the country, a small number of Turkey’s military attempted a coup with the intention of removing their president from power. The most recent election became controversial and when dissenters went public, they were arrested. Erdogan returned to Turkey and his army defeated the insurgents. So many men and women were placed in the country’s prisons Turkey’s government was forced to build additional facilities. Many citizens claim that Erdogan staged the coup to consolidate power. The most recent election in 2018 was considered by most as a farce.

Trump has displayed his support for Erdogan frequently. Yesterday Trump ordered the removal of all American forces stationed on the border between Turkey and Syria. This will allow Turkish forces to overrun the Kurdish forces which have been fighting ISIS for years. Erdogan will be allowed to complete his efforts to create a totally authoritarian government in Turkey.

Trump’s admiration for despots is unforgivable. The current impeachment investigation would not be happening if Trump’s arrogance; his belief that he is above the law; had not resulted in a phone call to Ukraine President Zelenski during which Trump held military aid to Ukraine hostage for political gain.

Trump is a plutocrat who seeks the establishment of fascism in America. He does not believe in democracy. He does not believe in America. His dream is to end free elections and establish a totalitarian government in America.

Save your country by taking it back from the people’s enemy; Republicans. The day is November 3, 2020. Every eligible American must vote. We can and we must win this revolution.

Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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