The Real Shocking Truth is that Nothing about Trump Surprises Us any Longer

trump and putin (3)

If a report had been released in the past revealing that one of our previous 44 presidents was suspected of being an agent for a foreign government, this would have been the only topic of discussion for weeks. The very idea that a President of the United States might have committed treason would fill every page of the newspapers. Television news will barely talk about this phenomenon; they support Trump and have since 2015.

Trump has committed so many crimes against humanity nothing surprises me any longer. That’s wrong. Trump should have been impeached 18 months ago.

Never discussed is the fact that this failure who is defiling the White House takes credit for accomplishments begun long before his pitiful inauguration. He has no policies, he is destructive. 80 years prior to his illegitimate presidency previous presidents began implementing programs which would improve the lives of all Americans.

FDR created Social Security, and established labor laws protecting America’s working class. Dwight Eisenhower suggested controlling the growth of the Military Industrial Complex. Richard Nixon established the Environmental Protection Agency. John Kennedy encouraged a new form of patriotism without demanding nationalism. Lyndon Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Ronald Reagan proved that democracy can prevent war. Bill Clinton’s fiscal policy produced prosperity across America and left office with our nation experiencing a monetary surplus. Barrack Obama used executive orders and signed laws protecting the civil rights of all Americans; moving our nation forward into the 21st century.

Trump has managed to harm or repeal nearly all of these advancements. He is obviously a fascist under the control of Vladimir Putin.

I’ll leave you with one question: Why has Trump become the first American president to hide the content of his meetings with foreign leaders and their agents, and why has he refused to produce documents requested by Congress? His administration has followed the precepts of Adolf Hitler’s 1930’s Germany.

The Truth Lives Here

Op-ed by this “Wise Old Fart,” James Turnage


Image courtesy of T.J. Hawk

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