“And now for Something Completely Different”


The title of this article is a recurring line from “Monty Python.” I’m sure many of you are not familiar with their humor, and it’s not important. However, they were the most original and hilarious comedy group in the 1970’s and 1980’s.

They have nothing to do with the reason I am writing this piece. This is not about the sleezy world of politics. I decided to write about the NFL, which I do on occasion.

The playoff season to decide which two teams play in the Super Bowl on February 3, 2019 is nearly complete. Next weekend the championship games to decide the contenders from the NFC and AFC will be played. The New Orleans Saints will host the Los Angeles Rams, and the Kansas City Chiefs will be home to face the New England Patriots.

For the first time in decades the number one and number two teams in each conference will face each other. This makes for the best weekend in football; yes, even better than the Super Bowl; at least in my opinion.

What is most significant to me is the fact that the men who lead these teams are in my estimation the best head coaches in football.

Both matchups are intriguing. In the NFC, Saints’ head coach Sean Payton has proven himself to be not only brilliant but also a bit of gambler. Rams coach, Sean McVay, is the youngest head coach in football and has proven to be the most innovative and successful young man in the NFL. Sunday’s championship game could be high-scoring and the most exciting in decades.

The AFC Championship places the man who is both the greatest coach in NFL history and the most corrupt against one of the “old guard” who has never lost his ability to be creative. Bill Belichick will take his New England Patriots to Kansas City to face Andy Reid.

Although I disagree with most of the experts, New England has a record-breaking quarterback in Tom Brady and label him as the ‘greatest of all time.’ I am convinced that if Belichick had not been his head coach, he would be one of the best and nothing more.

Andy Reid has a long history of success in the NFL. This year his team has been gifted with a young man who, barring severe injury, will be known as the most creative and exciting quarterback in the history of professional football. Patrick Mahomes has created an interest in football among both younger and older fans who previously favored the NBA.

At 72 years of age I do not become excited about many things. I haven’t seen it all, but I’ve seen most of it. On January 20, 2019 I will be in my recliner, some good Scotch in one hand and some shrimp cocktail in the other glued to the television.

So, you might ask who I will be cheering for. That’s easy. On November 19, 2018, I watched the most exciting game in the 60+ years I have been a fan of the NFL. On that day the Chiefs lost to the Rams by a score of 51-54. How could I not hope for an exciting game on February 3rd?

The Truth Lives Here

Op-ed by this “Wise Old Fart,” James Turnage

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