Yes, Virginia, Trump’s Shutdown Will Affect You


First and foremost, all Americans must be deeply concerned about more than 800,000 Americans who are in danger of losing everything they own because Trump decided to shutdown the government. Their future is literally in the hands of Trump and his fascist party.

However, the truth is that the longest shutdown in our nation’s history will eventually affect all 320 million Americans, unless you are members of the “one-percent.”

Whether it’s curtailing a visit to a national park, waiting in a long line to board a plane, or worrying whether the food you buy at the grocery store is safe, this Trump shutdown is starting to mean inconveniences and hardships for many Americans. Statistics reveal that the economy will suffer if the shutdown continues. Every two-weeks $2 billion of missed paychecks relates directly to $4 billion removed from the economy every month. Believe it or not, that’s more money than Trump spends on golf and holding his hate rallies!

Although fiscal experts believe the estimates are low, Trump’s own financial team issued the following prognostication.

“Since first-quarter GDP is projected to be roughly $5 trillion, Trump’s shutdown will cost the U.S. economy $5 billion in lost output every two weeks it continues based on the administration’s own impact estimate. That’s $2.5 billion per week, $357 million per day, or $15 million per hour.”

In 2013 I said that a government shutdown was moronic and should never, never happen. Congress has an entire year every year to plan for a budget. But every year they wait until the last minute. They are too busy campaigning or attending fund raisers to perform the jobs for which they were elected.

And, finally, to hold America hostage over an unnecessary and ineffective wall is ludicrous. All Americans must learn a lesson from this debacle. Our government is worthless. It’s time for real change. Already a new group of younger more feminine members of Congress are setting an agenda which will return democracy and equality to all Americans.

Trump and his circle of sinners are proof that capitalism has failed the majority. Incomes have remained stagnant, income inequality continues to grow, serious problems remain ignored including healthcare for all, free or low-cost education, immigration, and complete equality for all women. The policy of “profit before people” must end now.

We can do better. As long as all Republicans refuse to serve the American people, they must be sent home; forever.

On November 3, 2020, we can take our country back; it belongs to us, not them.

The Truth Lives Here

Op-ed by James Turnage


Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

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